Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Push in the Right Direction

So about a week ago, I got my BFN after my third IUI attempt.  I immediately called my RE and she had me come in the next day to have a consult for the next step.  When hubby and I headed into her office, I was sure we would leave with some more info about IVF and with a 4th IUI planned.  Luckily, I decided to share with my doctor that I had heard my insurance provider was going to change April 1st. The insurance provider I have now is excellent - full coverage up to $30,000 for IVF.  I always knew that if we ever needed to pursue IVF, that I did have this great coverage to rely on. 

I'm a teacher and since my district is suffering, they have decided to change insurance providers to save $.   Unfortunately, it is changing to a provider that doesn't have a very good reputation with infertility treatments.  My RE explained to me that everything she does with me would be covered, but that lab fees for an IVF would not be.  I asked her for a break down of what the lab fees would be for an IVF and she informed me anywhere between $7,000-$8,000.  This was a huge shock to me as we always felt so blessed with great insurance in the past. 

To make a long story short, my RE thinks we can squeeze one IVF in before April 1st while I still have such great coverage.  This is a little sooner than I was originally anticipating...I always envisioned doing at least 4 IUI's before moving to IVF.  So at first I was apprehensive...but now reflecting, I'm viewing it in a different light.  Maybe this is God's way of giving me that extra push to move towards IVF. ...maybe it's a push in the right direction. 

I just finished my first week of birth control. 2 more weeks of birth control - then starting Lupron and hoping my period comes on time.  It is essential for it to come on time for all of this to take place before the insurance change.  If all goes well, I am looking at a retrieval/transfer the last week of March.  A lot of stress - but really praying that I don't have any cysts so I can start injections on cycle day 3 of my next period.    I'm also waiting to hear back from my doctor's office.  My RE's assistant, Sharon, was supposed to be checking on my current insurance and gaining pre-approval.  I sure hope we don't run into any hiccups. 

Thinking positively, I want to say that I am really grateful for all the new friendships I have been making throughout this journey.  I know we wouldn't have had the chance to get to know one another, without this unfortunate struggle.  I am so glad to have found you all.  YOUR love, encouragement, and support gives me the strength to continue on this journey.  So thank you!    I also recently found out one of my co-workers went through IVF last year and it was a success on her first try.  It has been such a relief to find someone in my everyday life that I can relate to....not to mention she is there to answer many of the questions I have going through this process for the first (and hopefully last) time.

One day at a time....

Thank you to my dear sister, who sent me these beautiful flowers on the day I found out my IUI was unsuccessful.   When I am feeling completely hopeless, she always finds away to add light to my life.  I love you sis. 


Pam said...

That really stinks about the change in insurance coverage. Hopefully this is THE cycle, and you won't need to worry about insurance not covering! Keep your head up and think positively. You're doing the right thing! Your baby is just around the corner, I'm sure of it!

Shelley said...

You're welcome Sis...I am here for you always! XOXOXO