Thursday, March 31, 2011


For my family members that don't know fertility lingo - my title means 5 days past 3 day transfer.  :)

Well, Tuesday evening did not come with good news.  Our other two embryos did not make it to the blast stage and were not able to be frozen.  I got off the phone with my RE and hubby and I just looked at each other speechless.  At first, we were both feeling very negative and thought well if those two didn't make it, there's a good chance the two inside me aren't going to make it either. :(  BUT on the flip side, we did put in our two "best" embryos and I'm hopeful that they're doing better in their natural environment versus a petri dish.  But wow did news like that bring me back to ground ZERO!

I am feeling pretty good.  It finally feels normal to pee again.  I was experiencing discomfort peeing ever since the retrieval.  The 2WW is horrible on it's own, but the side effects of the progesterone OIL is just plain torture.  It's not fair that each side effect also happens to be a pregnancy symptom.  It's like a big ol teaser...or a bad joke.  Oh here you go - here's what it feels like to be pregnant - ha ha ha ..UGH!  I am SO bloated - I seriously could wear maternity clothes.  I am running out of baggy, drape like shirts to wear to work.  I also have lower back pain and my boobs are sore to the touch.  I have been sleeping with my bra on because they hurt so much.  My hips are also incredibly sore (my RE has me administer the injections about an inch past my hip bone).  I switch off from hip to hip each day, but I seriously walk around like an elderly person.  I have been using a heating pad after each injection, which seems to be helping.  Oh and I'll have to do a post about the time we knicked a nerve...not fun!

Off to do report cards...oh joy.


Me and You, Just Us - Two. said...

I'm so sorry your other embryos didn't make it to be frozen :( :( :( But the good news is your have your perfectly good embies burrowing in right now! Have to stay positive!
I'm not in the 2WW yet, but I feel ya girl, this progesterone has me bloated so badly I feel like everyone thinks I'm pregnant (atleast 7 months lol) and can barely stand to shower without a bra! Oh the joys!

Shelley said...

And now we're at 6dp3dt! I have to say...this 2WW is killing me too! Love you!