Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Could this be...

our first child's conception day?  Thinking positively and it very well could be!

The retrieval went well.  A lil something like this.....

5:30 a.m.    Leave for Middleton

7:30           Arrive at Wisconsin Fertility Institute  - At this point, we were just swallowing that it  was really  happening.  As we were sitting there, we saw a woman walking up with her child.  She smiled  and waved for us to come in.  As we got out of our truck, a man was walking up with his child (another smile).    This man and woman happened to be husband & wife and our embryologists (Dr. Pritts and Dr. Olive) with their children.  Dr. Pritts and Dr. Olive struggled with infertility for ten years including 6 IVF's.  In 2008, they adopted their two daughters from Haiti.  They are adorable - check them out here.   

7:35          We were taken back to my own room, where I changed into a gown, slippersocks, and head wear.  My nurse then put my IV in (as hubby watched cringing..haha).

7:50          Dr. Schell arrives and goes over everything one last time with me.  Any questions? Nope.

8:00         I was wheeled into the "Procedure" room and Gus was sent to wait for his 8:30 collection appointment.  I remember my doc and two nurse practictioners getting me ready.  (legs in stirrups, leg warmers put on, monitors on my chest, etc).    The nurse practitioner  told me she was starting the medication.  The first one caused some stinging in the butt.  Weird, I know.  The second medication was my sleep juice.  I remember looking up at the ceiling and feeling emotional, about to cry.  Hopeful & scared.  And that is all I remember.

9:30         I start coming "to".  Hubby said the only thing I said was "Pain, cramping".  The nurse then gave me some pain medication that lasted for 6 hours.  Much better!  Apparently  my oxygen level kept dropping and I just remember my doc telling me over and over to take real big breaths. 

9:45         Roll over - its time for doc to teach hubby how to inject the progesterone.  I was still so out of it - I didn't even feel it!!!!  She marked me with Sharpies too, so he knows where exactly to give the injection in the future. 

10:00      Time to start sitting up - or should I say "throwing up".  Major hot flashes, diziness, and a lil vomitting.  Felt much better though once I was done.  I was given some more medication for nausea. It really helped.

10:15       I finally ask hubby "Did you do it?".  He said, "Yes, of course".  Then, I looked at doc and said "How did it go?"  She said it went very well.  They extracted about 16 follicles and  8 of them turned out to be GOOD EGGS.  A few of them were not mature and a couple of the follicles didn't contain an egg.  I currently have 8 eggs undergoing fertilization.  I am really hoping for some more good news tomorrow!!!!!  The anticipation is making me crazy!  I do feel very relieved though.  I went into this with a big fear of not having any healthy eggs.  The fact that I have 8 to start with makes me ecstatic. 

10:30      Head back to Milwaukee.  I caught some zzzzz's the entire way.

12:30      Get pampered by hubby.  I love him so much!!!  He was amazing today. 

Oh and now the fun part - My before and after pictures...ha. 

Before:  Happy!  Rearing and ready to go. 

Before:  Joking around with hubby while we wait. 

 After:  Right after the procedure.

After:  OUT OF IT!!!


Andrea said...

So excited for you! Glad things went so well and I'm looking forward to reading about your fertilization report tomorrow!!! :)

Shelley said...

You still look beautiful...even when you're "out of it"!!!

Pam said...

So glad everything went well! It was nice to read about everything that happened. It's giving me a better idea of what to expect :o) I hope you get a FABULOUS fertilization report tomorrow! Lots of hugs!