Thursday, March 3, 2011

Note to Self

Note to Self - Don't freak out before talking to the doctor. 

I called my RE's office today to make sure my Lupron was ordered and would be here on time for me to start it on Saturday.  The secretary at the office then informed me that my doc will be out of the office when I would be starting my injections and said she didn't think I would be able to pursue this cycle.  She also then suggested that I just do another round of birth control.  WHAT?  I made this plan to do IVF this month with my doctor.  We both sat down together ...looking at our calendars, I might add...and went over a tentative schedule.  Here would be the perfect time to note that my doctor never said anything about being out of town.  Well, the secretary hears me start freaking out over the phone.  I told her I was speechless.  She was insisting that I "just" do another round of birth control like what I'm going through is as simple as a "just".  No lady, you don't get it!  She said she would have the doctor call me.  I got off the phone and of course, lost it. - broke down to my hubby and my sister.  I kept asking myself why would my doc set me up on this schedule if she knew she was going to be gone and wouldn't be able to accommodate my cycle?

Well, doc did call me about  an hour later.

Yes, she will be gone....BUT this should not interfere with my cycle.  I will need my day 3 ultrasound while she is out, but she said I can just have that done at the neighboring hospital.  The cycle is moving forward as planned.  I told her that the secretary had really upset me with how lightly she was referring to this.  How dare she make a suggestion to "just" do another round of birth control like IVF is just something so simple that could be easily pushed on to the next month? (like a massage for God's sake)

Therefore, major lesson learned here today.  Don't freak out unless it comes straight from the doctor's mouth!!!

Meds are officially ordered for the entire cycle and should be here Saturday.  I am meeting with doc Saturday afternoon to just go over all the meds one last time.  I am familiar with Follistim and Menopur, but have not done Lupron before.  She said it's easy enough, but I appreciate her willingness to just go over it all with me again. 

Then on Monday I have my mock transfer & hysterosonogram.  I need to do some reading as to what exactly that entails.

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Pam said...

Oh I don't blame you for being upset! I would have freaked too! Thank goodness your doctor sounds like she understands it's not "just" that simple! I'm glad everything worked out. Good luck with the Lupron! Let me know how it goes!