Sunday, March 6, 2011

Special Delivery....uh gut check

Well, this weekend was filled with a range of emotions.  First of all - my meds arrived.  When I saw the delivery dude walking up my sidewalk, I was really excited.  I yelled to my hubby..."They're here".  I knew the box would be big - so no surprises there.  However, as I began unpacking med after med and needle after needle, I felt like crying.  This delivery was a complete reality check for me.  This IS really happening.  I felt like crying because I just felt so helpless looking at the meds on my countertop.  Purely helpless.  I thought to myself, I have to inject all of these meds in my body for a "chance" of getting pregnant?!?!?!  I know if it works, it will all be worth it and this process will be a thing of the past.  But, wow ...I wasn't prepared for it to hit me this hard. 

Fast forward 2 hours...I headed to an appointment with my doc to go over all the medication.  My wonderful sis was in town, so she came with me. It's always good to have an extra set of ears and eyes.  After my doctor was done explaining everything to me, she asked if I just wanted to do my mock transfer and hysterosonogram right then and there, instead of doing it on Monday.  I agreed. 

The mock transfer part was a piece of cake.  The hysterosonogram - not so much.  Painful!  (and I had even taken meds beforehand)  Luckily - I am polyp free!!!! 

In other news...
I finished my birth control yesterday and started my Lupron.  If you are wondering what Lupron is - it is a hormone injection that supressses the pituitary before starting ovarian stimulation.  Pituitary suppression is important for the recruitment of multiple follicles.  I am surprised that I am having some side effects to the Lupron.  (lower back pain and body aches)  I basically feel like CRAP!  I'm hoping my body will adjust and get used to this new med sooner than later (first time on Lupron).

Oh and super excited for my first RESOLVE (support group) meeting tomorrow night!!!!


Andrea said...

WOW, that's a lot of meds! I'm sure it was completely overwhelming to receive all of that at one time. It's really so unfair that any of us have to go through this for a "chance" at having a baby, but THANK GOD we have this as an option! Congrats on being polyp free!

LC said...

Thanks Andrea. You are right - I should feel blessed to have this opportunity. XOXO.

Pam said...

Wow...that is nuts! I knew there would be a ton of stuff coming but that's even more than I was picturing! I hope you get used to the Lupron soon. Side effects are never fun :o(