Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Bring Out the Big Guns

So I started my stim meds last night: 300 iui's of Menopur and 300 iui's of Follistim. The Follistim seems to be a breeze for me.  The Menopur really hurts...I just hate it!  For some reason, it really stings as it is entering me.  (and it is already at room temp)  Ah well - I can only hope and pray that it will all be soon worth it!

I also went to acupuncture last night.  I love my acupuncturist.  He always makes me feel so much better.  Leaving his office was the first time I've felt "positive" in a long time.  He has another whole outlook on all of this and in some magical way, it all makes sense to me.  We talked a lot about fear and he really encouraged me to try and replace my fear with love. 

I have the night "off" as I call it.  No acupuncture, doctor, or therapist appts.  Just time to rest.  But looking forward to another visit with Michael (acupuncturist) tomorrow. 

Thanks to all my family & friends who have been by my side every day.  I really am grateful to have you in my life.  I also appreciate how patient you've been with me, as I know I have not been myself.  Mom, thanks for the beautiful card today that came in the mail.  It's comforting to know God is hearing many prayers on my behalf. 

Another thanks to all my TTC friends.  Your posts, messages, and texts mean the world to me.  I can't believe there ever was a time that I went through this without ya'll.  Please know I think of and pray for you daily.  XOXO  

Pic of the day - My biggest supporter, my sister Shelley.  I don't know what I would do without her constant support, love, & encouragement.  I think she believes me in me more than I believe in myself sometimes.  Love you sis!


Andrea said...

Yay for starting stims! You're moving right along :) My IVF nurse mentioned to me that the Menoour stings...yuck! Hope it's not too bad.

Me and You, Just Us - Two. said...

Congrats on starting stims! Menopur is known for the burn and always killed me when DH did my shots, now if I do my own it doesn't hurt as bad. But I've heard refrigerating it for like 15 minutes or icing your stomach can help but I just deal with it, haha. Good luck!

Shelley said...

Thank you! {{{{hugs}}}}