Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Try This...Again

So AF came and I am officially on Day 2 of birth control.  Only 19 more days to go!  We have officially started IVF #2. 

This last AF was the worst one of my life! I'm thinking it could possibly be because my lining was so thick from all the stimulation or it could of been the gut wrenching feeling of "this is real, it didn't work".  Either way - it has been awful.  My hubby also came down with a bad case of the flu.  So yesterday (day 1 of AF) I had the worst cramps ever.  I was also feeling a bit nauseous, so I thought I was starting to get the flu.  I was popping Advil and Tylenol like mad - BIG mistake, especially since I was not eating (thought it was the onset of flu).  I ended up getting really sick and was up all last night dry heaving and projectile vomiting. Finally fell asleep at like 3 a.m. and was up at 6 to head to school.  I woke up and debated - should I stay home or go to school?  I did feel a lot better and decided to head to school since I had two IEP's scheduled and parent teacher conferences. 

I always find myself sad after parent teacher conferences for a few reasons:
1 - The number of parents who don't sign up
2 - The number of parents who don't show up
3 - Seeing how the parents that do show up inappropriately interact with their child

Infertility is unfair - and so is being an 8 year old and dealing with drug abuse, physical abuse, alcoholism, and neglect. 


Miss Mac said...

Sorry about AF and getting sick, ugh. So sad what kind of environments some kids live in... and seems so unfair when you're trying to have one.
I hope IVF#2 is your time!

Mrs BabyDream said...

I can totally relate to your post. I also work in a school in a disadvantaged area. Kids having kids. I met one of my past pupils today who showed me a pic if her baby!!! Uuuurgh!

Krista said...

So so sorry to hear that AF was bad (mine was horrible after my IVF cycle...extremely heavy!!!) Congrats on IVF #2 starting for you though....hoping this is IT for you!!!! XO!

Pam said...

Good luck! I'm so proud of you for trying again. I know each time gets harder and harder, but it will work soon!!!!!