Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shout Out

Sending out lots of love to my friend Makelle.  She is one of my only friends that completely "gets me".  We literally talk every day and I consider her friendship a blessing.  I can tell her anything ..vent, vent, and vent some more and she will completely understand.  Why?  Because unfortunately she has been down a rough road too and has experienced many heartaches.  She deserves to be happy and I hope this IVF is the answer to all of her prayers. 

There is really nothing else new here in Milwaukee.  I am just waiting for my next cycle to start so I can continue moving forward with the ovarian reserve testing.  I am feeling anxious to get some answers and even more anxious to get on with IVF #2. 

The end of the year countdown has started at school..only 14 days left. 

Oh and still no word from my old doctor as to when they will be refunding me the fees I paid upfront for freezing.  I'm shocked (insert sarcastic tone). 

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Makelle said...

you are so sweet. :) i don't think it was just coincidence that we found each other. i am so thankful for you and your friendship. we have traveled down almost identical roads and, while if i could, i would change that for both of us, i am thankful that we can fully understand where the other is coming from. before you know it, we'll be preggo and having babies and our conversations will be so much more upbeat! :) love you girl! xo.