Thursday, June 30, 2011

Checked OUT!

Hi Ladies - Yes, I have been "checked out" for the past couple weeks. In a way this has been okay for me as I've had lots of distractions. I'm sure a big reason as to why I have mentally checked out is because of the news I received from my doctor after my testing month. The tests basically confirmed that my FSH is pretty high. What does this really mean? Well, it basically lowers my chances of conceiving through IVF down to 15%. She brought up the whole option of donor eggs and it all hit me very hard. I think I cried harder than when my first IVF cycle failed. I just couldn't seem to get over it. That's hard to take - that WITH IVF my chances are still only 15%. I'm not sure how a person is hopeful with those kinds of odds...but the fact of the matter is: there is still a chance! A chance that I am damn sure ready to fight for! So that's where we stand. My insurance nurse got back to me yesterday and confirmed that I have full coverage for two fresh IVF that's what I am going to do. Using donor eggs is not covered by insurance and is extremely expensive, so at this point - I would like to continue trying my own (especially since its covered).

Where does a girls mind go with this news? Definitely a lot of thought about using donor eggs and definitely a lot of thought starts to go into adoption. Luckily, one of my friends is going through adoption now so I get to see her experience it and ask questions along the way. So yes, those thoughts are in the back of my head - but the next step right now is another IVF cycle. It looks like I will hopefully get started on my birth control in the middle of July..haven't decided if I'm ready to begin again or if I need another month to continue processing this and heal.

Girls - if you have any high FSH success stories - PLEASE SHARE! I need all the hope I can get!

Other than that, I have just started to enjoy summer. My husband is a Junior Cycling coach and we are taking 10 of the Juniors out to Sun Valley, Idaho to compete in the National Championships. It's great because I have been involved with a lot of the planning, which completely keeps my mind "busy". We've had riders staying with us from South Africa and California (hosting is another distraction).

Oh and here are a few photos from the beach yesterday. Buckwheat was in his element - fetch & water. Looks like he "checked out" too after his fun in the sun.

Miss you all - I've been thinking of you!


Krista said...
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Krista said...

Man oh man....your doggie is gorgeous...just had to say that first (and not that I haven't already seen him on facebook...but wow, he handsome!!!)

So sorry to hear about your FSH results, C! That blows!!!!! Since you have full insurance coverage for 2 IVF cycles, my opinion would be to do those 2 cycles! I still have a chance, right?! So why not?! Only then would I consider any type of adoption. That's just my opinion....I know you'll know what is right for you!

Always thinking of you and hoping for the best!!!!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Your insurance coverage sounds great!
Enjoy your distractions this summer!

What a cute picture of your puppy!

~B~ said...

I am rooting for you! It is nice that insurance covers two cycles. I don't personally have experience with high FSH levels, but a couple we know from back home do. She went through a few miscarriages trying naturally, six IUI's, and finally on her second IVF they transferred two embryos. One took and she now has a perfect healthy boy and two frozen embryos for the future. It took them two years to conceive but at the age of 32 she has a baby. Their insurance did not cover any of the IVF cycles either.

No two circumstances are alike, but I just wanted to share that with you to keep your hope alive. I am wishing you the best and keep us posted.

mak said...

girl, all i can say is that i think about you all the time and i'm always keeping a prayer in my heart for you. i'm so glad you've decided to fight for this. you're right-you do still have a chance! i hope and pray with everything in me that you get your miracle out of these two cycles! it happened once WITHOUT ivf, it can definitely happen again!

Miss Mac said...

Those are great pics of your furbaby!
My FSH has been normal, high, then a little lower but still on the high end the last time. When the RE went over my protocol, she decided on the Lupron flare protocol with my FSH level. I don't really know how she came to that decision but just followed their plan and added prayers! I didn't have many eggs but one embryo stuck... so here is one BFP with FSH on the higher side! It can happen for you!

Tippy said...

Hi LC - Just catching up on my blogs that I haven't been reading lately. I'm sorry that your RE gave you the donor egg talk after only one IVF cycle. High FSH only means that you have low quantity, not quality, so if you can get one or two good eggs out of your next 2 IVF cycles, it can still work. So I'd say, GO FOR IT! There are lots of high FSH success stories out there. One woman on a chat board I am on had only 1 egg after fertilization from her IVF cycle and it took. Best wishes, and enjoy your summer.

M said...

I'm sorry about your high FSH. Mine is very high too, and my RE gave us a 5-15% chance with IVF. We have no coverage for IVF so we are pursuing adoption. That's wonderful that you have coverage and I wish you all the best!! 15% is still a good chance, considering the "average" fertile couple only has a 20% chance each month! I wonder sometimes how we all got here... Your dog is very cute!

Pam said...

Hey sweetie, I'm sorry that you didn't get better news at your RE appt. I was really hoping they would have something great to tell you. I think doing your 2 covered cycles is a great idea, if you're up for it. You never know what could happen! I'm still sending positive thoughts your way and cheering you on! If/when you need to vent, you know where to find me :o)

The bike thing sounds fun, enjoy it!