Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The title "boring" would be an understatement

Sorry everyone - there is just not much going on with me.  I took this last month completely off and I know this sounds crazy, but I don't even know when AF is actually due.  I remember I had AF in May before my RE appointment on the 11th... that's all I can remember.  So basically it should be due within the next few days.  Once it starts, I will call RE and make an appt to have blood work done on CD3.  Pretty exciting, hey?  Ha!

Officially one more week of school!  The days have been pretty treacherous in the classroom as we have had temps reaching 95 degrees here in Milwaukee.

Best wishes to my friend, Makelle. She her day5 transfer tomorrow!  I am praying that God blesses her and her husband with a successful cycle.

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Krista said...

Hey! I've been wondering where you were...I was thinking about you last night actually! I'm cheering you on!