Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trial Transfer

I have had a few dear ladies text/email me to ask how my trial transfer went. Thank you ...that really means a lot to me!!!

It went really well! For my non TTC friends, a trial transfer is when the physician inserts a tiny plastic catheter into the uterus. This allows the physician to measure the depth and direction of the uterus in preparation for the actual transfer. I needed to have a full bladder so the doctor could better visualize the placement of the catheter.

For some reason for IVF #1, this trial transfer KILLED! I remember my sister was standing next to me holding my hand and I was lifting my rear off the table because it hurt so bad. This time around - barely felt a thing. My new RE was really concerned as to why it hurt so bad last time. She said its possible she used a thicker catheter than necessary. RED FLAG!!! Also, last time my old doctor did not make sure I had a full bladder, which could have affected the execution of the actual transfer. UGH! Anyways, just really happy that it went well this time around. My RE said my uterus and ovaries looked perfect!

I'm going to leave you today with this short lil video clip A Miracle 4 Us posted. I enjoyed it as it captured what so many of experience on a daily basis. But I want to know, where are the other 1 in 8 couples that are going through this in my real life? I swear i don't know 1 couple in my real life (outside of the blogosphere/support group) that are experiencing troubles trying to conceive. Not that I want anyone else to struggle as we do...but hey it would help to know someone going through this to relate to in my everyday life. I might not feel as "ashamed"....working on that.


Mrs BabyDream said...

Hi LC. Just wanted to say thanks for the comments on my blog. It's good to hear from people who have gone through the same thing. Thank u :)

Krista said...

I'm so excited for you and this cycle!!! Let's do this!!! BFP......here we come!!!!!

amy said...

Hi :) Thank you for stopping by and offering support, it means the world!

Things sound like they are already going to be a little different this go round, which is a good thing!! I'll be praying for you, and stalking you ;)

Andrea said...

Yay!! So glad it went so well! :) High Five!

M said...

I'm glad your transfer went well. I hope this new RE is a ticket to your BFP!

Tippy said...

Glad the trial transfer went well. Oh, and I LOVE this video. I love it when she says, "I hate her uterus"... makes me laugh, every time... Because I am SO her! :-) Hoping this is your cycle!