Monday, October 31, 2011

Thoughts....Long Term Effects?!?!

Hi ladies...question for you today that is on my mind.

Do any of you repeated IVF'ers worry about the long term effects the drugs may be causing?

I've been doing pretty well lately, just an occasional melt down here and there. But my most recent meltdown was just freaking out about doing IVF all over again for a 3rd time. I was just crying and telling hubby how I am scared of putting my body through it all again. I know this is/was the fear coming through, but I can't help but wonder what damage these large quantities of hormones could potentially be causing?!?!

Of course I immediately thought, a child would far outweigh the potential risk!!!! But then I have to be realistic and my chances of this working are actually very slim. Let's be real here. There is a chance that I may continue to move forward with fertility treatments and in the end, still not end up pregnant.

Oh and I'm sure coming across this blog post today has fueled my fears.

I guess these are conversations that I need to continue to have with the hubby. But I would really welcome and appreciate any of your thoughts as well. Sending all of you well wishes and lots of love!


Jes G said...

terrified. that is one of the biggest concerns i have as we move forward with each and every cycle.... my amh is low....and it gets lower everytime we do a cycle.... it has to mean something.
i am totally with you lc.... but a baby. a take home baby. is worth all the risk. wishing you the very best

annoyed army wife said...

My husband is very worried about the long term effects. Our RE has reassured him over and over again, but we've agreed at a stopping point for IVF even if we don't have a take home baby. I think it's a big fear for a lot of us.

amiracle4us said...

This is one of the main reasons we are only doing one more cycle (vs. the three cycle package offered to us). I realize people have been doing IVF for decades now and little data exists linking the drugs to gyn cancers, but the average person also only does 1-2 cycles; this will be our 3rd fresh-thats a LOT of drugs.
I am a nurse and drugs don't typically scare me. I'm not one of those 'ohhhhh I don't take anything unless I am dying' type, I am fearful of these though. Part due likely to our family hx with gyn cancers as well, but still.
It is a concern no matter what people say. They can't tell us the long term risks and anything that effects us so much at the moment we use it, must have some lingering effects.
with that all said, here I go again with #3 :) Yes, the baby in my arms will squelch that fear, but it's there enough to keep me from going with fresh cycle 4.

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

My hubby worries about it constantly. I know there could be some effects from all the extra hormones but I guess I am willing to risk it. I am getting a mammogram this year even though I'm not 40 yet - just because of all the extra hormones.

Amber said...

Hi fellow Cheesehead! I too have worried about potential long term side effects of all of the medications. I'm just trying not to think about it at the moment. Who knows what all of these medications could do to our bodies?
I did play sports!! I played tennis, basketball, played softball for 2 years and then switched to running track. Did you do any sports? Kind of a crazy thought to think we may have competed against one another before!
Thanks for your kind words and well wishes! They mean a lot. I wish I would have opened up about our infertility sooner. The support I have found via blogging has been very helpful. Finally someone gets it!! Tomorrow is the retrieval. I'm super nervous...
I hope you're doing well.
Go Packers!

Lauren Y. said...

I think you read my mind today! This has been on my mind constantly- esp. after the whole Giuliana Rancik breast cancer announcement. I am in medical sales and have talked to several dr's about it and they said to take vitamin D supplements every day, and to get a mammogram earlier than 40. I am 34 and am going to schedule one soon. Sometimes I can read too much to scare myself to death.

Brant and Amanda said...

I have to admit that I have not even thought about the side effects. I guess it was something that I did not even consider. All I have had on my mind was baby baby. My husband hasn't even thought about it either, but I do have to admit that I don't feel the same ever since our retrieval.