Sunday, February 19, 2012

Virgin Mary Please

Well, there wasn't anymore hiding it at work this week. The cat is out of the bag and my staff knows I'm pregnant. I seemed to "pop" in the last week or two and hiding it really doesn't work anymore. I was a bit overwhelmed with everyone finding out and knowing.

My students (3rd graders) were so cute & innocent. On Thursday, a few of them gathered the courage to ask me..."Do you have a baby in there?" I smiled and said it was either a baby or maybe I just ate too many donuts. They thought that was hilarious and couldn't stop teasing me all day about donuts..ha.

My appointment with the OB this past week was pretty uneventful, which I suppose is a good thing. I guess I was disappointed I didn't get to have an ultrasound this time. They took a urine sample, weighed me (+ 5 pounds), answered the questions I had, and listened to the heartbeat. :) Then the OB was on his way and I was left already anticipating our next appointment in 4 more weeks!!!!!!!!! The next appointment will be at 20 weeks and will be our anatomy scan. Counting down the days already.

Symptoms wise - it depends on the day. Some days the upset stomach only acts up at night and others it comes and goes throughout the day. I am still extremely tired and craving lots of sleep/rest. I'm waking up multiple times throughout the night and oftentimes it's difficult to fall back to sleep. My doppler is still making me very happy and I'm down to using it only once a day (instead of twice). This week I'm aiming towards only using it every other day. We'll see how that goes. This past week my aversions seemed to be breakfast food including eggs, hash browns, and bacon - which is not at all like me since breakfast is usually my favorite meal of the day. The one thing that always tastes good to me (since week 8) is a Virgin Bloody Mary. I've had one the past 3 days in a row..yum! :) Don't worry Dad - I get them with very little spice.


Cori said...

Congrats on the Cat being out of the bag!!!!! Can't wait to hear what you're having:)

Kelli said...

Donuts...hehehe! I'm so happy for you. enjoy those bloody marys! :o)

Mrs. H said...

Hahaha! I've been craving a Bloody Mary so bad especially this past weekend when we were at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival at a corner restaurant that has probably the best ones ever! But alas, I won't be drinking any alcohol for a while. Glad to hear you're progressing smoothly.

M said...

I think we need a bump pic ;)

stacey said...

I just wanted to say hi since I'm due right around you I think (August 4) AND I'm a teacher too! First grade. I haven't said anything to them even though I'm obviously showing (but they aren't that observant), but all the adults know. I was thinking of doing something cute to tell them. Did you do that or were they just figuring it out? Congrats!

Tina said...

I clicked through from our birth board on Baby Center. I just wanted to say hello to a fellow blogger. I look forward to reading!

And the pic of your virgin bloody mary made my mouth water. I am going to have to make one this weekend!