Sunday, July 22, 2012


What?!?!?! I can't believe I'm actually considered "full term" now.  I'm getting pretty emotional at this point of the pregnancy.  I am so anxious for this little guy to get here safely while at the same time sad that my pregnancy is nearing its end.

Size of baby: Baby boy weighs around 6.5 pounds now.  He will continue to gain about a 1/2 pound each remaining week.  

Symptoms: Bring on the waddle!  I wouldn't characterize my movements as walking, just slow waddling.  The pelvic pain really doesn't go away anymore.  The shooting pains have diminished a bit, but now it just hurts down there all the time.  It's a bittersweet kind of pain though, because according to my doctor it means that baby boy is engaging in the pelvis and preparing for his debut.   My stomach also feels like it has reached its peak stretch wise.  I can actually feel the skin stretching and it's uncomfortable.  I wonder when the first stretch mark will surprise me?!?!?! 

Weight Gain:  +39 pounds  

Sleep:  I kind of walk around like a zombie all day because the quality of my sleep each night is really just pathetic.  Just turning over has become quite the chore.  Sometimes I have to wake my hubby up, so he can give me a firm hand to hold on to while I pull on him and turn myself over.  The toilet and I are really becoming good friends throughout the night.  We bond on average 3-4 times a night now.  I've also noticed it is more difficult to get off of the toilet, so I use the bathtub as leverage to lift myself up.   

Maternity Clothes: Running out of maternity tops to wear that still fit.  One of my husbands new jobs is to tell me when my belly is hanging out at the waist line, because my shirts are now too short.  I just refuse to buy anymore though, at this point.  I figure if the belly shows, it shows. People have the option to not look. :) 

What I Miss: Okay there is one this week that I honestly have been missing for a long time.  It is .... sleeping on my stomach!!!! I told my husband that is the first thing I am going to do when I have the opportunity to nap after baby boy is born.  

What I'm Looking Forward To: Two NST's this week and our 38 week appointment on Thursday.  Sure, I would like to hear that we've made some progress down there, but honestly I'm not expecting it.  So many of my friends are going "past due", so I have it stuck in my head this lil boy is waiting for his due date or after to arrive.  We also are taking an Infant CPR class on Wednesday and a breastfeeding class on Sunday.  

Fun Purchases: 
The BabyBjorn Organic Babysitter Balance.  This was something my husband really wanted for the baby as he likes how it promotes the baby's motor skills and balance.  We had to special order it, so it should be here in about a week. 

The other purchase we made this week was the Medela Freestyle, Hands-Free Breastpump.  I can't believe how excited I am for a breastpump...ha!  We ordered this online from Target, so it should be here by the end of next week.  I also bought some disposable breast pads, washable breast pads, and some nipple cream.  Oh joy!
Oh and we were feeling kind of sorry for Buckwheat, making all these baby purchases. So...we bought him a new bed.  :) Believe it or not, new beds really excite him...try and look past the sad face he is giving you in this picture.   

Bump Update: 37 weeks & 4 days 


M said...

You look amazing! That is the pump I plan to get also- I will have to pump while I eat lunch when I go back to work. Yay for full term!

Lyndsey Davis said...

Payout look so pretty in this pic. Congratulations!

Lyndsey Davis said...

You look pretty. Not sure why it typed payout???;)

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

What a cool bouncer! and your belly is so cute!! Congratulations on FULL TERM!!! YAY!

Bridget said...

You are all belly!! Congrats on full term momma!

Good Timing said...

I have a Medela pump too - the Swing and it is great so I can only imagine this one you have is even better! Great bump pic, you are def all belly!

Jesica said...

Full term woohoo! You made it!!!

JustHeather said...

Congrats on full term! Now your little one just needs to hurry up and get here, when s/he's ready, of course. :) I'm right behind you in weeks and I'm excited to be here also.

Love your bump update photo. You look radiant.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too am grateful and amazed to be here. I'm totally enjoying this pregnancy. :)

a miracle 4 us said...

Hey LC! You look wonderful!! I can't believe you are so so close, but so happy for you to be there. I understand being anxious for getting the little one here (SAFELY), while being sad about not being pregnant anymore. I am in the same boat, but my anxiety about the saftey is increasing for some reason! Love seeing the new purchases and that is awesome you included the dog :)

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

YAY for full term! You look wonderful! Your puppy is so cute! I hope he adjusts to the new baby quickly!

Leah said...

I feel like I was reading something I wrote myself! Congrats on full term, I have another day to get there. I'm over all the pelvic pain, I can't imagine what is coming next!

Kelli said...

YAY LC! I love you bought puppy a new present too!