Thursday, July 12, 2012

The "Coveted Weekly Appointments"

Whoo hoo!  I finally made it to my weekly appointments.  Today was my first at 36 weeks 2 days.  Everything is still looking great - heartbeat strong and abdomen measuring on track.  I am up 2 lbs, which puts me at +35 total now.  I had my Strep B test and results should be back in about a week.  In addition, the doctor checked my dilation yet, 50% effaced.

We had quite a surprise when the OB walked in today.  My OB's office is a group practice, so there are 6 doctors.  Whomever is on call the day I go into labor will deliver me.  We wanted to make sure to meet all of the doctors so we weren't meeting him/her for the first time on the day of our delivery.  So today we were meeting the one doctor there that we hadn't met yet.  She walked in and my husband blurted out "I know you!"  It turns out she is a friend of his family and he grew up with her younger brother.

This turned out to work out in our favor as I felt like I had the most detailed appointment ever.  She was very sensitive to our past history with infertility and told me the anxiety I am feeling is completely normal.  She went out of her way to say that she will do anything to help relieve any of my anxiety, including letting me have NST's.  She said I definitely don't need them because I am not high risk and having such a normal, healthy pregnancy so far.  However, I figured if it helps relieve any little bit of my anxiety - it would be worth it, so we are going to start having them and see how I feel.

So we scheduled our remaining weekly appointments all the way through my delivery date.  It sure feels good knowing I will be seen every week again  (brings me back to my early pregnancy days with my RE).  In the meantime, I plan to rest up.  I've still been very, very tired.  I would have to attribute this to my sleep being interrupted all night long with my constant urges to pee.

Oh and we bought our stroller today at buy buy baby...the Stokke Xplory in red...yay! We were very excited because we had a 20% coupon for buy buy baby.  The coupon did have a lot of exclusions on it - but to our surprise did not exclude Stokke, so we were able to get quite a few dollars off of the purchase.


KC said...

Congrats, cool stroller. I always admire single strollers!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

YAY for weekly appointments! I love the stroller! Did you get it in Red?

LC said...

Yes, we ordered it in red. We're excited for it to be delivered this week!