Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lazy Summer Days

The past few days have been just that...lazy summer days.

I have been sleeping in quite late (9:30ish)...then wake up and hubby makes me breakfast.  After breakfast, I find myself napping for about another hour while I watch some daytime television from bed.  I'm pretty sure I've been so tired because I'm up so often throughout the night peeing, tossing, & turning. I figure my body is telling me I need rest and that is just what I intend to keep doing.

The afternoons have been dreamy.  Hubby and I have been just sitting outside in the shade reading side by side. I picked up a new breastfeeding book the other day and have been immersing myself in all this information that I truly know nothing about.  Hubby has been reading a book that goes over what to expect throughout baby's first year of life.  We sip away on our ice cold lemonades and share tidbits that we find interesting with one another.  I'm really grateful to have this time with him...means the world to me.


cjdubs13 said...

Are you both teachers? We are both teachers and love having our summers together especially now with our little guy. Enjoy your lazy days now.

Andrea said...

Sounds like it's just what the Dr. ordered!! Enjoy this time together! <3

M said...

I would love to have my husband home with me all summer. I'm glad you get that time!

Tim Reed said...

Looks like you're the happiest person on earth. You know what, you deserve it. Everybody deserves to be happy with their loved ones. Btw, go any idea where to find a surgical mesh lawyer?