Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Stokke Has Landed

Our stroller arrived yesterday! (please don't mind our brown grass - we are in the middle of a drought here in the Midwest)  Buckwheat wasn't too sure about it.  He just kept sniffing it as we rolled it around the house.  Now we just need the adapter set so we can snap our car seat right into it.  Definitely plan to get the adapter this weekend and then we will be all set, travel wise.  I'm also so excited about my new diaper bag that's hanging from it, made by petunia pickle bottom. 

We had a couple of great appointments this past week at the doctor.  On Monday, I had my first NST test, which I really enjoyed.  I loved being able to listen to my little ones heart beat for a good 20 minutes.  He was very reactive and showed an increased heart rate every time he moved.  I also found out I am having contractions! The nurse asked me, did you feel that one? I was like "what one?"  She showed me on the chart where I was having contractions and I assured her I hadn't felt any of them. I freaked out a bit and she told me not to worry.  She said if I'm not feeling them, they're most likely  not powerful enough to produce any progress.

 And sure enough, she was right!  We went to my appt on Wednesday and had my cervix check - exact same as last week, no dilation and 50% effaced.  My belly was measuring 37 cm and his heartbeat was nice and strong.  The doctor could also feel that his head has started to lower into my pelvis and after the cervix check said he was at a -2 station.  This definitely explains all the pelvic pain I've been having.

I have started to pack my hospital bag, but it's definitely not complete - just bare necessities so far. My gut feeling is that I won't be needing it for a couple more weeks.  Til then, we are just finishing up some loose ends around the house and need to make a few more purchases to be fully prepared!

Every day this becomes more real. I've been dreaming of being considered "full term" for months now and here I sit...37 weeks!  It really is surreal.  :)


Andrea said...

I love reading your updates!!!! Soooooo happy your baby dream is becoming a reality. I can't think of a more deserving person!

M said...

Yay! Congrats on full term!

Jesica said...

So close to the end! Congrats on being officially full term!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

That stroller is adorable!! I love it!

Good Timing said...

Fancy schmancy! Love it! Yay full term!