Thursday, August 9, 2012

40 weeks & 1 day Appointment



I am still not quite a cm dilated and 50-75% effaced.  We were not able to strip the membranes because I wasn't "open" enough.  Baby boy did real well on his non-stress test though and I even had 3 decent sized contractions while they were monitoring me.  Too bad these contractions aren't helping labor along at all.

So we go back on Monday.  We will have a BPP (biophysical profile test) including a NST (non-stress test) and another cervical check.  Based on how baby is doing we will set an induction date.  The doctor I saw today recommends an induction 7-10 days past the due date.  She doesn't like for her patients to go past 10 days, although ultimately she said if baby is doing well, it is up to us how long we want to wait (max 14 days past due date).  Seven days past our due date would be Wednesday the 15th and 10 days past due date would be Saturday the 18th.  I asked why she doesn't recommend going longer than that and she said in her experience going past 10 days results in more issues with meconium and infections.

On Monday we meet with my favorite doctor, so it will be interesting to see what she suggests after reviewing the results of the BPP and does another cervical check.

I definitely am nervous/scared about a possible induction, especially if my cervix is still considered "unfavorable" by then.  I would love feedback and/or advice from any of you that have had inductions in the past.

Maybe, just maybe, baby boy will make his grand entrance on his own... soon!  :)

I'll leave you today with a pic of an adorable gown my sister bought for baby boy last weekend.  It's made by Magnificent Baby and it doesn't have any snaps or zippers - -  instead it closes through the use of enclosed magnetic fasteners.  How cool! I saw it in one of my "Pregnancy and Newborn" magazines.


Jesica said...

I say hold out as long as you can, avoid the induction! Mine went ok but if you can wait for labor I would wait all the way until 42 weeks rather than have an induction!

Rosachka said...

I just wanted to share my experience. I was 40w and 4 days, when I was checked and everything was closed. The induction was scheduled for exactly 41w. Well... my baby boy decided to play by his own rules and I went into labour over night. So you never know. Whatever you decide, good luck!!!

Good Timing said...

Love that sleeper! Try drinking red raspberry leaf tea! I swear it helped me avoid induction! :)