Friday, September 7, 2012

Belly Shot Progression

Wow...looking back and reflecting....I still feel SO fortunate that I was able to experience pregnancy.  This is something I've dreamed about since a little girl and I feel so blessed that God made my dreams come true.  I'm almost three weeks postpartum and it's really setting in now that my pregnancy is over.  Of course I am over the moon happy, because Ari is here!!! But the feeling is bittersweet in the sense that this chapter in my life (pregnancy) is over.  I will always look back on these photos with joy as I relive the happiness that came along with my growing belly.  I can't wait to share them with Ari some day.  This little boy is going to fully know how much he was loved, long before he was even born.  

11 weeks - Still in shock that I am pregnant

 14 weeks - I remember being so proud of my "lil" bump

 17 weeks - Buckwheat isn't so sure

 Half-way! 20 weeks on an 80 degree day in March. 

 23 weeks

 29 weeks

 30 weeks

 33 weeks at my maternity photo shoot

 34 weeks - on Father's Day

 35 weeks

 37 weeks - can't believe I actually thought I was "getting close" here

 38 weeks

 39 weeks - Ha! I thought walking would get things going. 

 FULL TERM - 40 weeks

 In labor at 10 days past due!

 Sweet baby Ari at 1 week old!



Lulu said...

You looked great the whole time! I should do a post like this, but I looked terrible at the end : )

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Love this!! So so so cute!!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

You looked fantastic through your whole pregnancy! I agree on how bittersweet it can feel. I loved being pregnant and missed it so much in the beginning (and still often do).

Lauren Y. said...

He is beautiful!!! Congrats :)