Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Letters to Ari ... 2 Weeks Old

Dearest Ari,

We cannot believe that you are 2 weeks old already! Your Dad and I are the happiest we've ever been.  We've dreamed of having you in our life now for years upon years and we are just ecstatic that you are finally here - in our arms! We can't thank God enough for sending you to us.  You're our little miracle.

Milestones from your first 2 weeks of life:
- When you were born you were 8 lbs, 13.8 ounces = 90th percentile. You were 21.5 inches long = 98th percentile and your head was 37 cm in diameter which was also in the 98th percentile.  You were a big boy!!! By the time you left the hospital, your weight had dropped (which is normal) and you were 8lbs 1 oz.  A week later when I met with the lactation specialist you were 8lbs 4 oz.
-At 4 days old, you came home from the hospital.  You also turned to your side all by yourself at just 4 days old.
- You quickly grew out of the newborn diapers and now wear size 1.  The volume capacity of the newborn diapers was just too small. (leaking)
- When you were 5 days old, you had your first night of amazing sleep.  Each night we swaddle you, both give you a kiss goodnight, and then lay you in your bassinet that is right beside our bed.  You are such a good boy and accept it's just time to get some good rest and you fall asleep within a few minutes.

You sleeping in your bassinet:

- At 6 days old, you took your first trip out of the house.  We went out for breakfast with your Auntie, Nonee, and Papou at the Original Pancake House in Brookfield.  You handled it like a champ.  Daddy changed you for the first time in the front seat of the 4Runner and you decided to surprise him by christening the front seat.  After breakfast, we all went to buybuy baby to pick up some necessary items for taking care of you at home.  We even picked up a comfy nursing chair for Mommy.
- You came down with your first diaper rash at a week old.  :(
- On day 10, you lost your umbilical cord...finally that stinky thing fell off.

Look who has a belly button (we were so proud):

- On days 12 and 13 you had your first overnight trip.  We took you out to your Nonee and Papous house for a visit. They were so thrilled to spend time with you and your Mom and Dad got a little extra rest.
- At your 2 week check-up you weighed 9lbs 6.5 ounces.  You grew over a pound in 1 week! We were so proud of you when we left the doctor's office.  The nurse called you a "butterball".

Things You Like Right Now:
-You love being swaddled, especially in your Halo Sleep Sacks.
- You have so much fun being burped.  You are so alert while being burped and sit there with these huge attentive eyes looking around.  I think being burped is your favorite part of the day.
- You like sucking on your hands.
- You like to nap during the day.  You usually go in waves in between feedings.  One wave you will nap, then the next wave of wake time you will hang out and spend a lot of time looking around.  This cycle then repeats throughout the day.
- You think it's cute to pee multiple times while we are changing you.
- When you're fussy, you prefer being with your Daddy.  The scent of Mommy alone tempts you and all you can do is open and close your mouth waiting to be fed.
- You're a great sleeper.  During the night, you sleep for a good 4 hours at a time. I have to wake you to feed you.  Your pediatrician said I shouldn't set the alarm anymore and let you sleep as long as you want during the night.
- When you're content and calm, you like your swing.  It relaxes you and you oftentimes take naps during the day in it.  When you're fussy - you do not like to be put in the swing...it's not a soother for you.
- You like hanging out in your BabyBjorn Babysitter bouncer.

- You definitely like Buckwheat, although he loves you a lot more at this point.  He will sneak in a lick any chance he gets.  We let him wash your feet and other body parts, but we have the rule "no licking Ari anywhere on his face".  He's a good listener and tends to prefer your feet anyways.

- You also adore visits from family members and friends.  Your auntie, uncles, and grandparents love spending time with you.  We have a visitor or two almost every day.  Everyone just loves you so much Ari.

Here you are content as can be in your Auntie's arms:

- Going out to dinner! We have went out a handful of times now and (knock on wood) every visit you have been sleepy and when awake, very content.

Here you are with us at our favorite restaurant in Milwaukee - Sala:

- You really enjoyed hanging out on Nonee and Papou's front porch Saturday morning.  It was a gorgeous morning, the temperature was just perfect.  You laid on your Daddy's lap and just stared up at him with your beautiful eyes.  Buckwheat also enjoyed this time because he was able to play with his lady friend from across the street, Chili.  :)

Here you are hanging out on the front porch:

Your current dislikes:
- You have a blocked tear duct. Your eye gooes sometimes and even crusts shut.  You do not like having this cleaned out and also don't like your eye drops from the doctor.
- You really don't favor the time frame of 7pm to 11 pm.  We call this your "fussy time".  This is the same time frame that you were active in my womb before you were born.
- Daddy mocked you once while you were crying by also crying.  You hated that.  Your bottom lip became real pouty and stuck straight out.  We couldn't help but giggle at you a little bit though.
- You are very impatient when we change your diaper when you're hungry.  You'd much rather eat and change later.
- You're not a fan of shirts going over your head.  You're good at letting out a huge wail when we do that.
- You are a bit disappointed with your onesies that have feet.  None of them fit you because of your big feet. You're also not a fan of socks.  You kick them off within minutes of us putting them on you.   This frustrates you because your lil tootsies get cold.

Your Dad:
- Took off 2 weeks of work to be with you at home after you were born.
- Does EVERYTHING right now for you (other than feeding, of course).  He burps you, does all diaper changes, does the laundry, grocery shops, runs errands and takes care of your Mom.
- Is very organized! He keeps track of your feeding times, wet & poopy diapers, and when Mommy takes medicine.

Daddy made this organizer to keep track of everything:

- Packs your diaper bag for all our outings, wakes you for feedings, swaddles you, puts you to sleep, does tummy time with you, and soothes you when you fuss.

Daddy getting ready to change you:

- He loves you SOOOOOO much!

Your Mom:
- Is slowly recovering from my C-section.
- Feeds you 8-10 times a day.

Feeding time:

- Snuggles you.
- Loves kissing you on your neck and underneath your chin.
- The favorite part of my day is waking up to YOU! I love opening up my eyes and seeing you in your bassinet right beside me.  It puts me in the absolute best mood every day.  I can't believe you're really ours and that I get to love you every single day.  I feel so blessed.

Taking care of you makes us so happy.  We love you very, very much!

Your Mom


Lulu said...

He is so sweet!! I love him.

Sarra said...

Such a great way to chronicle his first weeks of life. He's a gorgeous baby and you look fantastic and very happy!! (We have the same swaddle blankets! I love them!)

Andrea said...

Love this! So sweet, and will be so much fun for you to look back on some day!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

He is so adorable! and you look great!!!

Bridget said...

You look so happy :) I love it! Not sure if you have a smart phone or not but the app baby ESP saved my life keeping track of nursing and everything else!

M said...

Such a sweet post!