Saturday, November 24, 2012

Letters to Ari...3 months old

Dear Aristaeus,

Happy 3 months!  We had so much fun with you this month.  You are definitely growing fast and starting to show us your personality.  You are still just simply perfect! We continue to look at you every day and ask ourselves how did we ever get so lucky... so blessed??!?!

Milestones/Special "Firsts" :

- You are "talking" all the time now.  By talking I mean squealing.  You have realized you have a voice and you use it...all day long! You squeal when you wake up in the morning, when you're playing, when we change you, even in restaurants while we're eating. 

- You have started grabbing at everything.  We will put a toy in front of you and you will reach out, grab it, and bring it straight up to your mouth to chew on, of course.  

- At 10 1/2 weeks old you shared your first laugh with us.  Daddy was lifting you up and down on his lap and you really thought that was funny.  Now you giggle sporadically although the same thing doesn't always make you laugh.  You do think it's pretty humorous when Mommy kisses you right under those big cheeks on your neck.  Our hearts just melt every time you laugh!

- At 12 weeks old you rolled over from your tummy to your back for the first time.  Mommy was sitting on the floor with you while you were playing on your activity mat.  I put you on your tummy and within 5 seconds you had rolled over and looked up at me like you were so proud.  You tend to give us one good roll now every day.  We haven't been able to catch it on video yet, but we will.

- You went to Apollo for the first time.  This was special to us because it is where we announced to the family that you were a boy several months prior.  Here you are at Apollo, of course the center of everyones attention.  Your Uncle Aris said he has a hard time listening to any conversations because he is always watching you.

- You had your first trip to Greektown in Chicago.  We went to have lunch with your Dad's Nouno.  It was so fun seeing everyone and letting them meet you for the first time.

- You traveled to Markesan to visit your Great Grandma Glisch.  She lives in a nursing home and your visit was the highlight of her day..week...month! She couldn't stop kissing on you for a second.

- You also had your first trip to Marshfield to visit your Auntie and cousins.  Your dad went to your cousins football game, but you stayed home with your mom and snuggled on the couch because it was too cold to go to the game.  You really enjoyed spending time with everyone although you are really anxious for your Auntie to move to Milwaukee.

- You went to your first bike race called The Tour of Tosa. It was a scavenger hunt throughout Wauwatosa.   After the race, everyone competed in a relay race on little girls bikes.  Your daddy was on a team with all of your uncles and they didn't do so well during the scavenger hunt.  They did however win the relay race.  Here you are chilling with your Uncle Darwin's helmet on.

Things You Like Right Now:

- You like to put anything and everything in your mouth!!!!! Nom nom nom! Your favorite things to chew on include your hands (all the time) and Sophie the Giraffe's butt.  Your hands even got a little chapped this month because they are constantly wet from you chewing on them.  

- You still are a big fan of baths! You've been taking baths in the big boy tub with your Mom.   You love the bubbles and have discovered the rubby ducky.  You will try grabbing at it and putting it in your mouth (of course).  When you get in that bathtub you are in such a good mood.  You kick your lil legs so hard and make huge splashes.  

- You prefer to be carried facing out because you are very observant.  You want to see and be a part of everything.  

- You love sitting up.  When someone tries to hold you cradle style, you will lose it.  

- Your Bumbo.  When we originally put you in this you did not like it because it was hard work.  Now that you are stronger you love it and hang out in your Bumbo multiple times throughout the day.  

- You continue to like play time on your activity mat.  You're even a pro at tummy time now. 

- You absolutely adore your dog.  You watch him constantly. He always accompanies you during tummy time/play time.  He is your best bud and the two of you hang out together all day! 

- You continue to be a very good sleeper.  By 8:30/9 p.m. you fall asleep in the living room with your mom and dad.  Then mom feeds you one more time at about 10:30.  You are swaddled and in your bassinet by 11.  The past couple weeks you have been waking up for a early morning feed at about 5:30 a.m.  Then you go back to sleep for a couple more hours.  You are really good at falling asleep by yourself.  Dad swaddles you and within two to three minutes of laying you down, you are out! 

Your current dislikes:

- BOTTLES!  We have been practicing day after day and you still hate bottles.  It doesn't matter what kind of bottle it is, what nipple it is, where you are, who is giving it to you, etc. You have taken a bottle 4 times total now, so I know you can do it.  Unfortunately once Mommy goes to work you won't have a choice during the day.  We are hoping the bottle starts to grow on you then.  

- Starting to teeth.  Yes, that's right.  You show all the signs/symptoms of teething already.  (irritability, drooling, biting behaviors, refusing feedings, red cheeks, etc) 

- You do not like getting strapped into your car seat.  Once we pick the car seat up you are fine, but you will whine and cry when we are putting you into it.  

- When we put you down for a nap in your bassinet during the day, we don't swaddle you.  Well, this leads to you flailing your legs all over the place and your chubby little legs getting caught in between the bars of the crib.  Once you realize you can't get your leg out without help, you let us know that you are not happy. 

- Being sick.  You had your first cold around 11 weeks.  Your poor little nose was so stuffed up and we had to continuously keep cleaning it out for you.  I'd have to say you handled it like a champ though. 

Your Dad:

- Gosh, your dad adores you so much.  He has been taking you on practice hikes to get you ready for your first vacation coming up in December.  We've had a really mild fall, weather wise - so have been spending a lot of time outdoors.  Here you are getting ready to go out on your hike with Daddy. 

- You are your Daddy's little protege.  He has been training you for your DJ debut.  Here you are helping him get ready to DJ one of his high school dances. (don't worry - the headphones are just for show)

- Daddy is looking forward to being home with you for the next 8 weeks.  He is taking the remainder of his paternity leave, then it will be Christmas break, and then he has 2 more weeks off since he teaches at a year round school.

Your Mom:

- I absolutely love reading with you.  We read about three books a day at multiple points throughout the day.  I'm so proud of you because you do such a good job looking at the pictures while I read.  Your eyes even follow my finger as I point to the words and pictures.  You are very attentive during this time and it's a part of my day that I really look forward to.  

- I do your daily stretches with you for your torticollis.  We do about three sets a day and we practice counting while I hold the stretches.  You are actually starting to like this and smile at me as I count aloud.  You see the physical therapist every two weeks and she thinks you will graduate from seeing her by your 4 month birthday.  

- I really have thoroughly enjoyed my time off with you.  Every single moment has been a blessing that I will always remember.  I don't want our time together to end, but I have to go back to work next week.  I can't tell you how much it breaks my heart to have to leave you.  I've been dreading this day since the day you were born.  We haven't spent a day apart for the past 13 months and now I have to leave you to go to work just feels so wrong, so unnatural.  I'm so sorry baby boy - I would spend every single minute with you if I could.  

You mean everything to us Ari.  


Your Mom


Fiona said...

He is growing up so quickly and is just the cutest little thing!! It sounds like he did lots of fun stuff this week. Sorry you have to head back to work. I know that will be tough but will make coming home extra special everyday! :) Happy 3 months sweet boy!

thewildrumpus12 said...

Happy three months, Ari!

Jessica Smith said...

Such a sweet letter! I wish I had been doing this from the beginning! I think I will start now at 3 months, better late than never!

M said...

He's still so adorable! Sadie might want his number someday ;). Hugs on going back to work. It's very hard and it stinks that we can't stay home. The good thing about teaching is that the time goes so fast for me- before I know it I'm back with my little girl. Another teacher also pointed out that we only work 180 or so days per year. So that means we still have almost half the year to spend with our little ones. Good luck!