Sunday, January 6, 2013

Letters to Ari ... 4 months old

*Sorry this post is a bit late.  I found myself to be a bit overwhelmed with returning to work and preparing for the holidays.  Here is Ari's 4 month post about 2 1/2 weeks late...gulp.

Dearest Ari,

I cannot believe you are already 4 months old.  Our time with you seems to be flying by so quickly as you are reaching new milestones daily.  Your pediatrician was amazed with your development at your 4 month appointment.  You weighed in at 16 lbs 7 oz and were 27 1/4 inches long.

Milestones/Special Firsts:

- You started taking the bottle.  Yes, after weeks of practicing you held out until the absolute last minute.  You consistently starting drinking from the bottle the first day Mommy went back to little stinker.
 - You have enough grip now that you pull yourself up to stand.
- You started sitting up all on your own!! Your pediatrician was shocked that you can do this already.   At your 4 month appointment she said she thought she had missed the 4 month one and that we were already at the 6 month appointment. She nearly fell over when she walked in the room and saw you sitting on the table waiting for her.
- You've continued to practice rolling from your tummy to your back.
- You celebrated your first Thanksgiving.  This was extremely special to your Mom as Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday.  You had so much fun playing football with your Dad, Mom, & Uncles. Your Daddy was the all-time quarterback and wore you in the BabyBjorn.  You and your Daddy took about 10 snaps before you were all tuckered out and ready to rest.

thankful for mommy

Thanksgiving football game

- We did a lot of fun things this month in preparation for the holidays.  We hiked through the woods to cut down our own Christmas tree and went to a handful of holiday parties.  One of your favorite things we did was the Santa Rampage bike ride.  Hundreds of people dressed up as Santa Claus and then rode together through the city on their bikes and stopped at various locations for food, drinks, and pics- it's quite the sight! Now you of course didn't do any biking, but you did participate in the festivities.  You were the highlight of the entire event in your little Santa suit.  Everyone just adored you and people took pictures of you all day long.

You fell asleep on the way to get our Christmas tree.

You hanging out in your Santa suit. 

Things You Like Right Now:

- Standing...if you could stand all day, you really would.  You look around the room with the biggest grin on your face every time someone pulls you up to a standing position.  Your physical therapist reminded us to continue to focus on sitting activities even though you enjoy standing so much.  

- Putting anything and everything in your mouth.  You even like to lean over and mouth Buckwheat.
Eating your toy bar

- Blowing bubbles. It was so cool the first time you mimicked Mommy.  We would go back and forth taking turns blowing bubbles at each other.
- Naps on Mommy & Daddy.
- You appreciate a good night's rest and have started falling asleep in the living room around 8:00 p.m. We put you in your crib when we go to bed and you must be going through a growth spurt because you like to get up numerous times through the night to eat.  You wake up - eat - and then fall right back to sleep.  This has changed from your original sleep pattern of sleeping through the night.  I really don't mind one bit though because of how easily you fall back to sleep after you're done eating.  I enjoy our special dream feeds.
- Sticking out your tongue.  You've realized you have a tongue now and boy oh boy do you like to use it.  I have picture after picture of you flashing that tongue at the camera.

- You love looking at yourself in the mirror.  If you're fussy all we have to do is walk into the bathroom and once you see yourself everything is all better.

Here you are looking at yourself in the mirror at REI while we were Christmas shopping

Your current dislikes:

- You really don't like to take naps in your crib.  You prefer to fall asleep on Mommy or Daddy's chest, which we realize is something that can't continue forever.  We are trying to get you used to taking naps in your big boy crib as this is something you will have to adjust to when you start daycare very soon. 
Unsuccessful nap in your crib - look how sad you are...breaks my heart!

- You seem to be growing out of just sitting on someones lap.  You much rather be walking around with one of us, standing up, or sitting on your own.  I have a feeling you are going to be a very active little boy.  

Your Dad:  

-Ari, you and I are both extremely blessed because your dad is amazing.  He has been home with you this month since Mommy returned to work.  He has loved spending every minute with you and wishes it would never end. 
- Daddy gets up everyone morning at 5 a.m. with Mommy to help her get ready for work.  He preps her pump and bottles for the day, packs her a lunch, fills her water bottles, and starts her truck in the morning so it's nice and warm.  
- Daddy takes you to physical therapy every two weeks to work on strengthening your neck muscles from your torticollis.  He does a wonderful job exercising with you at home too, which is one of the reasons I think you are so strong.  The two of you spend a lot of time together on the play mat working on sitting, reaching, and rolling.
"Exercising" with daddy

- Daddy takes you on a hike every day.  The two of you get all bundled up since it's really cold out right now and you usually go for a walk to the fire station park with Buckwheat.  You ride in the Kelty backpack in preparation for our trip to Arizona where we will be doing lots of hiking.  
- Daddy continues to do your bedtime routine with you.  Mommy feeds you, then Daddy changes you, puts your pajamas on, swaddles you, then brings you to Mommy for a kiss, gives you a kiss, and then lays you down to sleep.  
- Daddy took you to open up your first savings account.  Here you are sitting at the banker's desk:

Your Mom:

-Ari, this month was really hard on your Mommy because I went back to work.  I can't tell you hard it was and still is to leave you every morning.  You don't seem to mind too much because your Dad takes such good care of you while I am away, but I want you to know it's something I really wish I didn't have to do.  I wish I could stay home with you every day.  I feel so guilty that I have to leave you because you mean the world to me.  The day I went back to work was the most pain I have ever felt.  It was far worse than any physical pain I have ever endured.  But, unfortunately I don't have a choice and we both need to work in order to provide for you. 
-The absolute best part of my day is walking in the door after work.  I walk through the kitchen and into the living room where you are playing with Daddy.  Your face instantly lights up with a smile and your arms and legs start flailing.  It is by far the best feeling in the world.  
- We took a picture together every morning before Mommy went to work.  It was my way of counting down to the holidays as I was looking forward to having almost 2 weeks off with you. Here is one of my favorites...

Everything is so much more fun with you in our lives Ari.  We love you so very much. 


Your Mommy


palmtreemama said...

WOW!!! Sitting up and pulling to stand at 4 months?!? Holy cow, that is impressive! What an advanced little guy. I am inlove with all these photos... especially his actual 4 month one with his little hat on. What a cutie he is. Sounds like a tough month for Mama heading back to work but so wonderful that he got to hang with his Daddy. Sounds like Daddy is doing such an awesome job with him. And I am sure coming home from work each day to see him feels amazing! :) Happy 4 months... okay now over 4 and a half months little guy! ;)

Megan said...

Happy 4 months Ari!!! I just love that picture of him sitting in his diaper and hat. He is my favorite on Instagram :)

Miss Mac said...

I agree that you most likely will have a very active little guy when those legs and arms figure out crawling. Very observant too, what a cutie! Holiday breaks and weekends have so much more meaning now, right? Looks like a very happy little guy:] Time flies!