Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letters to Ari...6 months old

Dear Ari Jace,

It's your mommy here again and you are a half of a year old already! We are in utter disbelief of how quickly our time is going with you.  We are so proud of you as you learned many new things this month.

 As you can see, it was much harder to take your shots this month because you were on the move!

  Birthday kisses from your best friend 

6 month stats: 18 pounds 5 ounces & 29 1/4 inches long

Milestones/Special Firsts: 

- You started crawling! Yes, it's really true became a mobile baby overnight.  You began crawling 4 days before your 6 month birthday.  We were at physical therapy on Valentine's Day and you're therapist said, "He is going to start crawling any day now."  Well, it was the very next day that you started.  So I bet you're wondering ...what motivated me to 'get on the move'? PUFFS! Yes, when you see that puff you motor across the room as fast as  you can to get it. It's not just an army type of crawl's a full out four limb crawl.  We are so proud of you! Our lives changed overnight because now you are all over the house.  At first, you just used your crawling skills to get to puffs & toys.  Now you realized that you can crawl to follow mommy around the entire house.  You even follow your buddy Buckwheat from room to room.  I think he's starting to realize that you are going to be a pretty fun playmate.  

Crawl, crawl, crawl

- You have added quite a few solids to your diet.  You currently eat peas, prunes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots, apples, and pears! Your favorite at the moment is winter squash.  You open your mouth so wide for it and will even lean forward with your mouth open while you wait for the next bite.  You also started eating puffs.  I was nervous, but amazed at how well you mash it between your gums. Daddy and I love sitting with you and feeding you. It's a special time for us. We talk about how our days went and model different sounds while you have your full attention on us.




- You clap! At about 5 1/2 months, you turned into a clapping machine.  Anytime you are proud of yourself its clap, clap, clap...look at me.  This started with taking two toys and banging them together and then turned into the clapping about a week later.  We think it is the most adorable thing ever.

- You celebrated your first Valentine's Day.  You received Valentine's from your friends at daycare and went out to dinner with mommy & daddy after daycare.

Valentine's morning

Things You Like Right Now:

- You're still in love with baths! And now that you're so good at sitting, we started giving you baths in the kitchen sink.  You think this is the coolest thing and would sit in that sink all day if we would let you. 

- Even though it's winter in Wisconsin here, you love being outside.  We try to get out as often as we can to play with Buckwheat.  You just look around wide eyed.  You've even started to notice the cars passing by and follow them with your eyes until they're out of sight.

Looking at all the snow outside

Getting ready to play outside 

Snow angel with Buckwheat

- You love sitting in high chairs when we go to restaurants.  I think it makes you feel like a "big boy".  We usually hold you on our laps until the food comes and then once it comes, we put you in your high chair and you are as content as can be.  You also think its pretty cool to ride in shopping carts!

This is pretty cool mommy

- You like working on art projects! You like the way paint feels on your hands and you open your hands up wide and slap them onto the paper.  

One of your latest masterpieces 

- Talking! Your constantly making noises & sounds now.  You also have this high pitch screech that you use whenever you're super happy.  
- When you're excited to see shows.  If you're being held and someone you love walks into the room, your legs immediately start flailing/kicking all over the place.  If you're sitting on the floor and someone arrives, you start bouncing up and down smiling.  It melts my heart when I pick you up from daycare and you see me and start doing this.  

Your current dislikes:

- Ear infections! You had your first fever, so we rushed you to the doctor and sure enough you had an ear infection. 
- Getting your medicine...your head turns side to side accompanied with whining as we try to give you your antibiotics and tylenol for your ear infection.  
- Sleeping in your big boy crib all alone through the night.  We have hit quite a sleep regression this month.  It was tough because at first we thought it was linked to your ear infection and we gave you lots of extra attention and cuddling throughout the night.   But even after that was treated, your sleeping habits were poor...we're talking waking every hour or so throughout the night.  You have a hard time right now falling back to sleep all on your own without mommy or daddy comforting you.  We are working on this and hopefully will have better news to report on this front next month! 
- Being changed on the changing table.  You are so over having to lay still for 3 minutes for us to change you. You try rolling over and grabbing anything and everything in sight.  

 Your Dad:  

- Your dad never ceases to amaze me. Before I was pregnant with you, I always dreamed of watching the two of you together and envisioned how rewarding it would be to see a father and child together.  Now that you're here...I always feel like I need to pinch myself, because I can't figure out if I am in a dream or living in reality.  Watching the two of you together melts my heart.  Your dad is so loving, kind, and nurturing with you.  He is very proud of you and takes so much joy in watching you learn and grow.
- Daddy continues to research everything! From the safest convertible car different nipple baby high basically everything! He always wants what is best for you and I don't for a second ever hesitate when it comes to something daddy has picked out for you.

 Wearing your snapback, just like daddy 

Father & son bonding time...doing the dishes 

Your Mom:

- Mommy wishes she could spend every waking second with you.
- Mommy has an obsession kissing your sweet cheeks!
- Mommy has finally settled into a new daily routine being back at work. A typical day for Mommy looks something like this...
4:30 a.m. alarm sounding
4:40 shower & get ready
5:30 prep bottles, pick out your outfit for the day, pack daycare bag
5:45 wake you & get you dressed
6:00 nurse you
6:15 leave for work
10:00 pump at work
2:00 p.m.  pump at work
3:15 pick you up from daycare
4:00 wash bottles, wash pump parts
5:00 nurse you
5:15 playtime and/or bath
6:00 feed you dinner
6:30 bedtime routine (pajamas, reading, snuggling)
7:30 night night Ari
9:00 goodnight mommy

It's a crazy busy day, but I wouldn't want it any other way!

 Mommy getting you dressed for daycare

Mommy had a meeting after daddy picked you up from daycare and brought you to mommy's classroom for a visit

Just so in love with you sweet baby boy

You're the light of our lives Ari.  You make our family complete and we're so thankful to have you in our lives.  We're so blessed that YOU were a part of God's plan for us all along.


Your Mom

Okay, just one more pic....
You weren't so sure about prunes...:)