Sunday, March 24, 2013

Letters to Ari...7 months old

Dear Ari,

Daddy and I were just talking that this month was one of the fastest ever with you.  The month really flew by and I think it's because of how busy you have kept us.  You are one active, mobile little guy now! I find myself wishing I could stop time because we are just SO incredibly happy spending our days with you.  You're so much fun to be with ...learning new things and as happy as can be.

 Happy 7 months sweet baby boy!


Milestones/Special Firsts:

- As you can see above, you have started pulling up...on everything!  The couch, the chair, kitchen cupboards, the toilet (ew), the name it!  You pull up...explore...then plop back down on your butt.  Crawling & pulling up are your favorite things to do right now! 
- You play from your knees now, especially by your toy basket.  You like to get up on your knees so you can see better into the bottom of your basket.  
- We have established a much better sleep schedule after Dr. Ubell told us you were getting up way too many times throughout the night.    We are so thankful she gave us this extra push/advice.  You made huge sleeping strides! Now you go to bed around 7:00 p.m. and have adapted well to the new routine.  You do a lil whining and within minutes you are "out".  You're still getting up once in the early morning to eat and then sleeping until about 6 a.m.

 You want me to do what in here?

Funny joke ma

- We enjoyed our first snow day as a family.  Daddy went outside to shovel and brush the car off and Mommy was so excited when her friend texted saying there was no school.  We bundled up and walked to Einstein Bagel and had some breakfast, hot chocolate, and coffee.  You were so tuckered out from our walk home, you fell asleep.  We laid you in the snow and you actually stayed sleeping, until Buckwheat ran by and some snow went flying on your face...poor guy.
 At Einstein

A lil nap in the snow

Hanging with Buckwheat

- You have started crawling up stairs!  We couldn't believe it! Once you set your mind on something, you do it fairly quickly.  We noticed at daycare you were getting interested in the stairs and it was about 2 days later you crawled up about 5 stairs.
- You consistently use sign language for "more" at daycare by clapping your two fists together.
- We got your first wave on video! It was so you were waving you were watching your hand open and close and screeching at the same time.  I wouldn't say you've mastered this yet though, it's a work in progress.
- We celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day.  The weather was yucky and you were sick, so we decided not to go to the Erin parade this year.  Instead, we celebrated by having a Reuben sandwich at County Clare.
- We attended our first family night at daycare.  It was an art night and some of your art pieces were up for auction.  We had a blast watching you with your friends and meeting the parents of your classmates. You and the other babies even painted and let all of us watch.

 Messy boy

How fun!

Things You Like Right Now: 

- Buckwheat's water bowl!  Your memory is sharp and you are fast! You crawl repeatedly into the kitchen and dart full speed straight for Buckwheat's water bowl.  Right before you get there, one of us swoops you up before we have a wet lil guy.  We take you into the living room by your toys, distract you, and within seconds you high tail it back into the kitchen on a mission to get to that water bowl.  We literally spent all month playing this game with you and explaining to you that the water dish belongs to Buckwheat and is not for your little hands to play in. Well, the day we took your 7 month pictures we decided we would "give in" and let you play with the water dish.  So mommy washed it out and filled it with fresh water.  We set you down right outside the kitchen and you were seriously giggling and panting as you sprinted towards the dish.  You had the time of your life, leaning into the bowl and splashing.  We had so much fun watching you, laughing at you, and taking pictures. Buckwheat was jealous of course and couldn't stop whining.  

 At last!

- You love eating in your new big boy high chair.  You started eating many new finger foods this month including broccoli, watermelon, avocado, bread, cheese, noodles, crackers, rice cakes, sweet potato and cauliflower. You prefer finger foods now instead of baby food purees.  In fact, you refuse to eat the purees at daycare now.  You still eat them for mommy at home, but apparently don't like to eat them in front of your friends anymore.  You definitely show you are excited to eat by bouncing up and down and breathing heavy every time we're getting your food ready. 

Snacking on some puffs

- You love to "sleep sit".  Yes, you sit up in your crib and then fall asleep hunched over in the sleeping position.  We've watched this from the hallway and your eyes get heavy and your head rolls back.  You've even bumped forehead on the crib as your head bobbles.  Then you completely hunch over and snooze away.  I think you would stay this way all night, if we let you.  But Daddy or I go into your bedroom and lay you flat.  We're not sure if you're doing this because you're stubborn or just too tired to realize it's time to lay down.  
We took a Vine video of you sleep sitting to share with our family/friends

- Music! Music is always playing in our house, whether we're hanging out playing in the living room, getting ready for the day, or feeding you in the kitchen.  You love watching mommy & daddy sing & dance...the sight mesmerizes you! 
- Clapping! You literally clap about everything that makes you happy...all day long.  
- You seem to LOVE water and thoroughly enjoy being bathed.  We're looking forward to starting swim lessons with you in April since you seem to love the water so much. 
Bath time..sink style

Things You Dislike Right Now:

- Being sick!  I'm sorry to tel you this sweetheart, but you were sick for almost the entire month.  You had a double ear infection, eye infection, a virus, and a nasty cold.  You really are a trooper because despite all the illnesses, you still managed to put on a smile every day and be in a fairly decent mood.  I felt so bad for you because it was so hard for you to sleep while your ear infection was at its worst.  Daddy and I took turns sleeping on the rocking chair with you, because it seemed to help you sleep better versus being in your crib.  You would wake up multiple times throughout the night screaming and pushing your body and head back because you were in pain.  The antibiotics really took a couple of days to make you feel better.  We're praying that we don't have any more ear infections.  This was your third and your doctor said if you keep getting them, we may need to have tubes put in.  
- You hate being changed on the changing table right now.  We sing to you, make noises, and give you things to play with to try and distract you while being changed.  It's like you just don't have the patience to wait for silly us to change your diaper.  You want to be constantly moving and exploring around the house, not laying on a changing table.  

Your Dad:

- Your Dad had to be away from you for 3 days this month.  He had to go to a restorative justice training for work in Wisconsin Dells.  He missed you so much and constantly checked his phone for updates including pictures and videos.  Being away from you for the first time really hit him hard and he was absolutely thrilled to be back home.  
- Daddy felt it was so special when you had your first "stranger" moment.  You were at the doctor's office and when the doctor walked in you held on to daddy so tight with all four of your limbs.  You didn't recognize the doctor and you were trusting your daddy to keep you safe.  You even buried your head into his chest.  He said it was a moment he will never forget.  
- Daddy loves shopping with you.  He won't let anyone else push the stroller...really.  It doesn't matter where we are, he is just so proud to have you as his son and wants the whole world to see the two of you together.  

Hanging out at the mall 

Your Mom:

- Wow did your mom miss your daddy while he was gone.  I really enjoyed my time with you over the weekend, but couldn't stop myself from missing daddy and having the three of us together as family.  
- A highlight for me this month has been spending so much time with you hanging out in the kitchen: trying new foods, cooking, doing the dishes together, and listening to music.  We make a good team!
- You seem to really prefer your mommy lately.  You follow me around the house from room to room constantly. Once you get to me you pull up on my legs and put your arms out to be picked up.    Sometimes I wonder if its because you know I am the one that feeds you or if you just really love me that much...maybe it's a little of both.  

At County Clare on St. Patrick's weekend

I can't say it enough sweet make your daddy and I so happy!  I  tear up every day and say to your daddy, "I just love him so much" and Daddy replies, "Me too".  You have made all our dreams come true and we thank God every single day.  I miss you every second we're apart, whether I am at work, in the shower, or sleeping.  You're the last thing on my mind at night and the first thing on my mind in the morning.  

Happy 7 months Aristaeus Jace!


Your Mommy

And here are a few more fun pics from this month...

 Shopping at Little Monsters

 Nakey time 

 New swim trunks!

 You already love reggae music!

 Kisses from your favorite auntie

Reading in bed :)