Monday, January 27, 2014

Letters to Ari...15 to 17 months

Dearest Aristaeus,

You are growing up before our very own eyes in what seems like a flash of a second.  We have had so much fun with you over the past couple months celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  You even took your first trip out of the country! Hope you're ready for lots of pics this post.

Milestones/Special Events:

-You went trick or treating for the first time.  We were blessed with a beautiful day for it and you were a "Junior Park Ranger".  You were by far the youngest & cutest tricker treater out there.  Everyone was in awe over you and how well you went up to each house and requested a treat.

-We also visited Swan's Pumpkin Farm for the first time.  You had a blast running through the rows of pumpkins, riding the train all by yourself, and going on a hayride.

- Once again you enjoyed Christmas thoroughly.  We celebrated the season by visiting Santa in Chicago, participating in the Santa Rampage in Milwaukee, cutting down our own Christmas tree at Johnny G's farm, visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Crivitz, having Christmas Eve at our house with your Aunt and cousins, and having Christmas morning at Nonee & Papou's.  You especially liked dressing up like Santa with daddy for the rampage, helping Grandpa feed the deer, and your new basketball hoop and sled.

-After Christmas, we took our annual family trip.  This year we went to the Bahamas.  While there we had an amazing time, but sure endured our fair share of traveling problems on the way there and on the way home.  Needless to say, we made some great memories...but we were very happy to get home safely.

 First time experiencing the ocean

 Loves his fruit

- You are still talking away and seem to learn new words every day.  You are especially doing well with your manners. Just this morning you said "thank you" all on your own when we handed you your plate of scrambled eggs.  You're also working on counting.  Mommy says "one" and you instantly say "two" as your know it comes next.  After "three" you say any number through ten, your favorite is "five".  We are currently encouraging  you to say phrases now, which is a work in progress.

- You now know and can identify many animal sounds; your favorites are a dog, lion, duck, cow, kitty, pig, and sheep.  The pig sound you make cracks us up - instead of oink oink, you say "wee wee", probably from hearing it that way from "This little piggy went to the market...."

-You can also identify all your family members in pictures now.  You love watching the screen saver on the tv, looking through instagram photos, and looking at photo books just so you can point and name your family members.  You also know all the names of your friends at daycare.  You can say their names and look and point at them when asked.

- I can't get over just how much you understand already.  You follow many directions like putting your clothes in the hamper, getting your coat, cleaning up your toys, throwing something away, getting your dirty clothes for mommy to do laundry, putting on your shoes, undressing for a shower, putting your boots away....and so on.

Things You Like Right Now:

- Books & balls! You love bringing books over to mommy & daddy and backing your butt into our lap to sit down to read.  You love playing football. You will call out different plays before someone hikes the ball and then you do a run play across the living room. You've also been really enjoying your new basketball hoop from Auntie Shelley.  You're especially proud of yourself after you slam dunk.  You also enjoying sweeping, playing with any type of shape sorter, building towers with blocks, playing with instruments, and you've recently taken a liking to playing with Legos.

In the huddle, playing football with the big boys

- You are a miracle child in more than one way.  You love going to bed! You've just started using a blanket, which you call your "bebe".  As soon as we are finishing reading, you say goodnight to each one of us, including Buckwheat, and literally run to your room on your own to go nigh nigh. You lay down and Mommy or Daddy tucks you in with your "bebe".  As long as you have your "bebe" you are content and fall asleep in a matter of minutes.  You also have come a long way with napping at home and go down to sleep without any complaints on the weekends for your afternoon nap.

- Your favorite book is "My Daddy" about a little boy bear and his dad.  When you get to the last page you yell out "Daddy" who was the mystery shadow and point to the little baby bear and say "Ari".  It melts my heart every time.  You also really still enjoy your Packer book.

- You prefer to carry your own bag, even if it is too heavy for you.  That is the part of the routine at daycare pick up that gets you to leave willingly. "Ari, are you ready to carry your bag?" As soon as we say that you are out the door, no looking back.

-You are still a huge fan on taking baths/showers.  You would stay in there for hours playing if we let you.  You play with your sea animals and farm animals while in there.  You shower with daddy almost every day and take a bath with mommy about once a week.

- Favorite foods are bananas, bread, yogurt, spaghetti, and pizza.

- You enjoy sitting on your potty chair while daddy sits on the toilet every night before your bath.  You even surprise us a couple times a week by peeing or pooping in your potty chair.  You are very proud of yourself when you do and like pouring it into the toilet, flushing on your own, and saying/waving bye bye as it disappears.  Here is a pic of you high giving daddy after going pee!

Things You Don't Like Right Now:

- You really don't like coming in from playing outside in the snow.  In fact, you dislike it so much you are known to throw a tantrum when actually getting inside.  You will stand with your back up against the door and refuse to take off your boots and snowsuit.  This usually lasts for about 5 minutes and then you realize we are really all done playing outside.

  - Not getting your way.  You are definitely testing the waters by hitting mommy & daddy when you don't get something you want or get to do what you want.  When you hit, you take a 30 second time out in the hall way.  When you're done, you come over to check on us and say sorry.  You have this down to a tee and since starting the time outs, the hitting has significantly decreased - but we are still working on it.

Your Dad:

- Lucky you! You just started your first toddler swim class with more baby classes for you.  You did amazing, even though you were the youngest one there.  Instructor Jim wanted you to put your chin in the water and you grasped onto the side and submerged your whole head.  You are a little fish and share the love for water with Daddy.

-There are certain parts of your day you tend to do with daddy.  Daddy gets you up in the morning, gets you breakfast, makes your dinner, sits on the toilet with you, showers with you, and helps get you ready for bed.  If Daddy happens to be out, you will continuously ask for him until he returns.  This even went on for 4 days while daddy was at a work retreat.  We missed Daddy so much while he was gone.  It made me step back for a minute and realize how lucky I lucky we have such an amazing daddy in our lives.  He loves us so much and is there for us in so many ways.  Not having him for just 4 days broke my heart.

 Watching for daddy to come home from work

Your Mom:

- There is no hiding this one.  You are a HUGE mama's boy right now.  I'm not sure if you can feel that we are about to have a big change in our you're soaking up as much as mama as you can or what.  But what I do know is that I love you so much and the fact that you need me so much right now melts my heart.  You must say "mommy" at least 100+ times a day.  The first sound I hear every morning is you calling me from your crib.  "Mommy?" It doesn't matter to me what time of the morning it is, I feel so good hearing your voice every morning.

- Mommy is currently 38 weeks pregnant with your little sister.  You are so sweet to her already.  You use gentle touches to touch my belly while saying "baby".  You also give her sweet kisses.  We keep trying to explain to you that soon she will be coming out of my belly and will be a part of our family. You say "yah", but I don't think you quite understand.  I just know you're going to be the best big brother to her and love her with all your heart.  I can't wait to see the two of you together.

 34 weeks 

35 week dr. appt

 So much love for your baby sister already

It's crazy to think that by next post we will be a family four, well five counting Buckwheat.  We love you so much Ari and can't wait to see you become a big brother.


Your mommy