Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear Alexandra...2 weeks old

Dearest Alexandra,

I still cannot believe you are here already ...not to mention 2 weeks old!  Your due date and scheduled c-section was just yesterday and here you are, beautiful & thriving at home.  You are such a sweet baby that has taken over our hearts.  Every time I look at you, I just want to pinch myself.  I can't believe after all we went through to have a family, you're here, you belong to our family, and you're healthy.  Life really doesn't get any better than this!

 First Saturday at home

 Sneaking a snooze in your brother's bed

 About to yawn 

 Fell asleep on the changing table 

 Those hands 

Stare down with mommy

Milestones/stats/firsts from your first 2 weeks of life:
-When you were born you were 8 lbs and 8 ounces.  While at the hospital your weight dropped to 7 lbs 9 oz, which is normal.  We left the hospital on day 4 and went to see Dr. Timm on day 5.  By your fifth day, you were up to 7 lbs 14 oz, which was a relief.  We went back to the doctor two days later to check on your jaundice levels and you were already up to 8 lbs 4 oz, almost back to birthweight. The doctor was shocked with how fast you were putting weight back on, since she said about an ounce a day was considered normal, and you were far exceeding that. 
-  On your fifth day after the doctor, we went shopping for the first time with your auntie.  We went to babyGap, Goo Goo Ga Ga, and buybuy baby.  We found tons of cutesie outfits for you for your first few weeks of life.  It was so much fun picking out the outfits and even more fun putting them on you at home for the first time.  You were a rockstar on our first outing.  Slept the entire time, which was especially nice when we had lunch out at PF Changs.  
- You are an amazing sleeper already.  Some nights mommy has to wake you to eat.  We're waiting for the "okay" from your doctor to let you keep sleeping once we verify that you've gained enough weight.  You are currently sleeping 4 to 5 hour stretches at a time through the night before mommy wakes you up to feed you.  
-We were so lucky because your Auntie Shelley stayed with us our entire first week home.  She helped me take care of you and Ari, ran errands for me, and made sure we were all well fed.  I'm so thankful to have'll realize very soon how blessed you are to have such a loving auntie.  
-On day 11 you lost your umbilical cord.  We just happened to be at buybuy baby again.  Mommy was undressing you in their nursing room and when she opened you up, there it was - it had fallen off.  
- 2 week doctor appointment stats:  9 lbs and 13 oz!!!!!

Things You Like Right Now:
- You love skin to skin time with mommy.  After everyone leaves in the morning, you continue sleeping for another hour or so.  Then you wake up, and we snuggle skin to skin under the covers in mommy's bed.  It puts you at such ease and you usually doze right back off again.  It's part of our daily routine and I absolutely love feeling your soft skin up against mine.  I could cuddle all day long with you.  

Skin to skin

- You seem to enjoy being swaddled for bed.  I think it is a good signal for you that it is night time and it's time to sleep by yourself in your bassinet.  

Sleeping in

- You tend to be awake for about an hour around 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.  You're very content during these times and just look around.  
- You love being in the bathroom when mommy or daddy is showering.  The sound of the shower and fan seems to really calm you.  
- You definitely are all about eating.  You nurse approximately every three hours.  You have been an all star at nursing.  From the day you were born, you latched on well and were able to satisfy your needs.  
- Eating, peeing, pooping, and sleeping about sums things up for you right about now.  :) 

Your current dislikes:
-Mommy's cold hands! You wail when I change your outfit the second you feel my cold fingertips.  I think I need to start warming them up under the faucet from now on.  
-Hiccups! At night after I feed you, I lay you down in your bassinet and you seem to fall right back to sleep.  However, about 3 minutes later, you get the hiccups and have a hard time settling.  I usually pick you up then and hold you upright for about 15 minutes.  This seems to do the trick and when I lay you down again, we're usually in the clear.  These hiccups only affect you at's a mystery that I have yet to figure out.  
-Jaundice checks.  Your poor little heels have been pricked too many times.  Luckily, your number has started to decrease so you won't need any jaundice treatments.  You are a lil yellow in some of your pictures though.  

Doctor appt - Day 5

-That's really about it for this one.  You are such a calm little lady. You barely cry...if you do, it's because I made you wait about 20 seconds too long to eat.  Fingers crossed, but as of right do not have a "fussy time".  You don't even spit up after eating.  Daddy and I keep saying to each other, "This is really too good to be true," in regards to your calm demeanor and mild mannerisms.  

Your Dad:
-Daddy took off of work the first week of your life.  He even called in sick the following Monday to help me with your trip to the doctor ...and well, he just couldn't bear to leave you yet.  While we were in the hospital, he went back and forth between the hospital and home to help with your brother.  He always made sure he was back in time to sleep with us through the night though to help watch over you through your first few nights of life.  Your daddy is very special.  
- When Daddy gets home from work he takes the first "night shift" as we call it.  Daddy cooks dinner for us all, bathes Ari, puts Ari to bed, and then gets to snuggle with you until he heads to bed.  This is my time to sleep and I usually pass out on the couch within minutes of Ari going to bed.  
-The bond your daddy has with you is already so amazing.  You are his little girl and seeing the two of you together makes my heart so full.  I can't wait to watch your relationship with Daddy continue to grow.  
-Daddy is the "tummy time" king! He always makes sure you get 1-2 sessions of tummy time with him before bed.  In addition, he texts and calls me throughout the day to make sure I am doing tummy time with you as well.  He is very involved with your development and wants you to be nice and strong.  He also monitors which way your head is turned/facing throughout the day and night.  Even when I send him pictures, he's analyzing you're every position.  He's hoping to prevent any issues with torticollis, that we experienced with your brother.  

Quality time with daddy

Your Brother:
- I have to say we were really worried about how your brother would adjust to having a baby sister.  We were concerned because he had soaked up all of our attention for the past 17 months.  Would his feelings be hurt? Would he be jealous? are questions that we asked one another.  How would he handle sharing his parents with you?  We are so thrilled because Ari is simply in love with you.  From the moment he met you, he has adored you!  In the morning before he leaves for school, he walks into my bedroom to say goodbye to you in your bassinet.  He wants to see you the second he gets home from daycare.  He talks in this cute high pitched voice to you and says "hi" over and over.  He also shushes us.  He literally puts his finger over his lips and says "shhhhhh" when you are sleeping.  He likes to rock you when you're in your carseat and bouncer.  He uses gentle touches and likes to help me burp you by patting your back.  He kisses you on the top of your head.  Just last night, you were laying on the ottoman doing tummy time.  You started to fuss and without any prodding, Ari came over to you all on his own and started rubbing your back.  He recognized you were sad and wanted to comfort you.  Daddy and I no longer have any worries about how he will adjust.  You won over his heart instantly.  

 Shushing us

Waiting for dinner

You shared your changing table with your big brother

 Ari wanted to hold you

 First time snuggling in bed with mom, dad, and brother

 Brotherly love

 So precious

Ari loves you very much 

Your Mom:
-I call you my "little princess", because really that's what you are...a princess! You amaze me every day because of just how sweet you are.  You are a perfect baby...everything about you makes mommy's heart melt. 
First time in a girly headband..sorry Daddy

-I'm recovering from my c-section quite well. My recovery time was much different this time since I had a scheduled c-section with you and had labored for hours upon hours prior to having a c-section with your brother.  I was up and moving around in the hospital on the same day and even took a shower the day after you were born.  Once I got home, I feel like I jumped right back into the swing of things and have helped with things around the house as much as I can.  I just ask for a lot of help lifting your big brother.  
- I'm really enjoying and embracing our time together, just the two of us.  We have two more weeks together solo before your brother will start joining us in March.  I love our daily routine...most of all the snuggling.  My favorite place to kiss you is on your neck, just under your squishy cheeks.  

Watching your brother at swim class

We love you so much and your so grateful to have you in our lives.  Happy & healthy! We are blessed!


Your Mommy

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