Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Alexandra...2 months old

Dear Alexandra,

Each day you continue to amaze us and live up to your sweetest baby ever quote that Mommy made.  You're growing so fast and sometimes it's hard for us to grasp that we really do have a daughter.  We went from thinking we weren't going to have any children to having you and your brother.  Daddy and I look at each other every day and say how blessed we are.

- You continue to be a phenomenal sleeper.  We swaddle you around 9:00 p.m. I nurse you, and then lay you down in your bassinet.  You sleep the ENTIRE night and wake up around 7:00 a.m.  No lie! You consistently sleep about 9-10 hours straight each night.  When you wake up you are as hungry as ever.  After you eat, you stay awake for about an hour and this tends to be your happiest time of the day. 

You do this cute, lil stretch every morning

- 2 month stats: 14 lbs 2 ounces and 24 1/2 inches long 
At the doctor's office

You are such a chunk

- You went on your first hike, winter hike at that, for Nonee's birthday.  It was about 28 degrees and you slept the entire time snuggled on Mommy's chest in the Baby Bjorn.  We hiked to Johnny G's farm. When we got back, I felt bad because you were as warm as could be everywhere but your feet.  Your lil footsies were ice cold.  

Things You Like Right Now:
- Smiling! You are full of smiles after you eat in the morning.  I can almost guarantee that you will smile at me at this time every day.  You sneak in a few more smiles throughout the day, but you are definitely a morning person.  

- You're still a big fan of sleep.  In addition to sleeping through the night, you take a handful of 2-3 hour naps throughout the day.  Your brother takes a long nap in the afternoon and you love it because while he is napping mommy snuggles you the entire time.  After a few minutes of snuggles you doze off on mommy's chest and sleep the entire time he is sleeping. At night, you seem so relieved when we swaddle you.  It's like you're saying "Finally, they're letting me go to bed." 

- You actually don't mind tummy time.  Sometimes when you are fussy, we will put you on your tummy to comfort you.  It's soothing to you and even puts you to sleep sometimes.  You like to taste your hands during this time.  

- You've enjoyed your bath-time with Mommy because you get Mommy all to yourself.  Sometimes Mommy actually takes a bath with you and other times we use the infant tub.  You love when Mommy takes a washcloth and uses it to put the water over you.  You are very content and kick your lil legs.  I just love looking into your eyes during this time.  I can feel how much you trust me already.  

Things You Don't Like Right Now:
- The occasional times your brother will be too rough when trying to interact with you.  He likes to try and touch your eyes, which you definitely don't like and he's even accidentally scratched you when touching your face.  He likes to bring you toys to play with and when he puts them next to you, sometimes the toy bumps your head.  All these things tend to happen when you're sleeping and you are sure to wake up upset.  The best is when Ari wants you to dribble his basketball.  He puts it next to you while you're sleeping and takes your hand and pats the ball.  I find myself saying "Poor Elle," quite often.  
- Being cold after a bath.  You absolutely wail when we take you out of the tub and get your clothes on.  
- Eye drops 4 times a day is annoying to you. 

Your Dad:
Your Dad is finishing up his time at work.  He's counting down the days until he gets to officially start his leave and be at home with you.  Since you've been sleeping so well, there hasn't been anymore middle of the night changes for Daddy to do.  Daddy gets you ready for bed each night by changing your diaper, putting on your pajamas, and swaddling you.  Then he brings you to me for our final nursing session before bed.  After you nurse, he holds you upright and snuggles with you before bringing you to your bassinet.  It's so special to see the two of you end your days together.  

 Daddy said "This is why I rush home from work." 

Your Brother:
I'm sure someday you will read this (most likely your adolescent years) and be shocked.  Your brother is so sweet to you.  He loves you so much and wants to include you in everything we do. Every morning when I get him out of his crib he asks to go see you.  Most of the time you're still sleeping and when he realizes that he will put his finger up to his lips and say "Shhhh!" He brings you toys and lays them down by your side. He takes your hand and tries showing you how to make the toys spin on your toy bar.  He floods you with kisses and asks to hold you every day.  

Your first time at Apollo Cafe

Your Mom:
Sweet baby girl, I just can't get over how special you are.  The thought of leaving you next week to go back to work breaks my heart.  The fact that I know you will be with your Daddy really puts my mind at ease, but doesn't make my heart feel any better.  I'm so lucky and blessed to have you. I'm still pinching myself. 

 Mommy's 6 week check up

We love you so much Elle.  


Your Mommy