Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dear Alexandra...3 months old

Dear Alexandra,

Month three of you being the sweetest baby ever.  Your Daddy and I cannot get over how sweet, precious, and innocent you are.  You are a baby that goes with the flow and always with a smile.  Even right now, you are wedged up on the couch right next to me helping me write this post.  I literally have one arm around you and am typing away.  You're just always happy to be surrounded by your family.  If I had one word to describe you right now it would be content.

- Saying you're a good sleeper is an understatement.  You are an amazing sleeper!!!!  We put you down for the night around 9/9:30 p.m. I get you up around 4:30 a.m. to eat when I wake up for work. You nurse and then I just lay you back down and you fall back to sleep until 10 a.m.  No holding, rocking, or patting is needed.  I just lay  you down in your bassinet and you fall right back to sleep.  You couldn't make things any easier on mommy or daddy.
-You've started talking...talking as in cooing.  It's so adorable...these real high pitched coos and ahhs.
- You're a very easy baby to read. You have two distinct cries...a hungry cry and a tired cry.  The tired cry is more of a whine.  When you start whining, we know you're tired. We put you in a position that you like and within minutes you're out.
-Fun outings this month:  bike expo, a trip to Madison, a trip to Appleton, and bowling
- You celebrated your first Easter! I think you spent most of the day snoozing, but we had a nice dinner at Uncle Darwin's.

Things You Like Right Now: 
- Sucking your thumb! Yes, that's right.  Literally, the week mommy went back to work is the week you came up with this.  I find it kind of sweet and innocent, although I can't help but wonder how long this will continue.  You're obviously feeling the need to soothe yourself and adjust to mommy being gone at work. If you're napping and you wake up, you can quickly put yourself back to sleep by simply putting your hand up by your mouth.

-Hanging out in your Bumbo.  You love sitting upright and watching Ari play next to you.
-You've started taking showers with mommy.  You're the perfect size for it right now.  I just cradle you and you literally look up at mommy with this content smile on your face.  We rinse your head under the shower and you love the warm water beating down on your skin.  When I move you out of the water, you start whining.
- You still like tummy time! Your neck is getting real strong.
- You LOVE to practice sitting.  You get very proud of yourself.

Things You Don't Like Right Now:
- Being taken out of the bath/shower.  We know you have a good set of lungs behind that sweet smile because you wail when it's time to get dressed.
- You don't really like to be held chest to chest.  You prefer to be facing outwards to you can watch everyone and take it all in.  The only time you like chest to chest is if you're on the verge of falling asleep.  You seem to also prefer Daddy's chest for that.
- Being startled...but who does right? If you're falling asleep and Buckwheat barks or Ari yells, you will jump and cry for about ten seconds.  Then off you fade to sleep.

Your Dad:
Lucky Daddy! He has been home with you on his paternity leave.  Daddy does a wonderful job taking care of you and your brother.  The spring weather has been come and go...a bit chilly and lots of rain.  Daddy always manages to find a way...a get you guys outside. You play in the yard, go for walks, and even do tummy time outside.  Thanks to Daddy you always get your fair share of fresh air.  Daddy gives you two bottles while mommy is at work.  One around 10 a.m. and another one at about 2:00 p.m.

Your Brother:
Ari's favorite thing to say right now is "Elle too."  No matter what he is doing or where he is going he always wants you to be a part of it.  He loves to put his hats & his helmet on you.  He's always bringing you a toy to look at.  My favorite is when he kneels down by you and gets right in your face and says "hiiiiii" in a high pitched tone.  He makes sure to give you a mockie every night before he goes to bed. I find it truly heartwarming how much he cares about you.

Your Mom:
Well, it happened.  I am officially back at work. Having daddy at home with you has been a blessing, yet I still am finding it very difficult to leave you each morning.  I always take one last peek at you before walking out the door.  The days are tough.  I'm up at 4:30 a.m. to nurse you, pump, pack my pump parts, make a lunch, and get ready for the day.  I try to be out of the house by 6:15 each morning.  I pump twice while at work and am usually home to you by about 4:00.  Then when I get home its playtime with both you and Ari, dinner, clean up, bath time, and the bedtime routine.  I actually wish the days were longer though so I would get more time with you.  I always feel a bit of relief from you when I get home too.  It's like you're saying..."I can't believe you left me with these boys all day long."

We're so blessed to have YOU as our daughter.  We love you so much baby girl.



And a few more pics of you from this month...