Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear Alexandra...5 months old

Dear Alexandra,

Where or where is the time going? I feel like this month it is are not an itty bitty baby anymore.  You are growing up and fast at that.  I am in awe of your beauty inside and out.  I would explain you as having this happy aura that just radiates around you.  Anyone that spends time with you just finds themselves feeling happy too because of your sweet character.

- You continue to do I put big girl.  :) You are currently in 9 month clothing, even some items that are 12 months.  You wear size 3 diapers and on a few occasions have worn your brother's size 4 diapers.  

-You are now a tummy time pro! You consistently and easily roll from your tummy to your back.  You haven't made the move from your belly to back yet, but are getting real good at arching your back and bringing that leg over.  

-You're also getting stronger and can attempt to sit up, for a short time.  You use your muscles to try and prevent yourself from falling, but you definitely still topple over.  

- Laughing! Yes, you're laughing now and usually it's over the silliest things.  For example, one day it was the way I was saying "Hi" to you that set you off.  We were on the front porch together and I turned you around and started having a conversation with you. You started laughing at me, which had me laughing at you and we were both belly laughing so hard. And the funniest thing, is I couldn't even tell you about what. It was a special moment with you that I will never forget.  

- Summer is finally here and you went swimming for the first time! You sat in the water with mommy and daddy and just kind of stared down at it. Being at the pool is very stimulating for you and you enjoy watching your brother.  
- You had your first Chicago trip and girl, I am pleased to say that you definitely know how to shop.  Your endurance shopping was commendable! We visited our favorite Greek restaurant, went shopping on Michigan Ave, went to Yolk (twice), went to the art fair, and hung out at Navy Pier.  

- You had your first kitchen sink bath.  You loved it and so did mommy.  All smiles!

- You liked spending time with many of your family members this month.  For the last two weeks of school, family took turns spending time with you and your brother while mommy and daddy finished up the school year.  Huge thanks to Nicole, Auntie, Jordan, Aris, Dayne, Nonee & Papou for helping out.  I'm pretty sure I can vouch for all of them, that it was their pleasure to spend time with you.  

Things You Like Right Now: 
- Napping. You have been known to take your naps whenever and wherever you please. We have a new favorite running tag about you...#ellewillsleepanywhere.  
- The outdoors.  I'd have to say you rarely fuss, if ever, while outside.  One of your favorite places to hang out is on the front porch.  You love listening to mommy or daddy talk to you while out there, watching Buckwheat, and following the cars pass with your eyes.  

- One of your favorite activities is watching your brother play or as Ari sees it, playing "with" him.  You lay on your tummy and watch him in awe of his every move.  It's like you're saying to yourself, "I wish I could do that. " 

- Hanging out at the pool.  
- Sitting in your Bumbo chewing on your toys.  
- Gnawing on the toy bar on your bouncer always puts you in a good mood.  You lean forward and wrap your mouth around each lil gadget on the bar.  
- You like your Nuk, but only when you're tired.  If we try giving it to you at any other time of the day, you will spit it right out.  When you're tired, you can just suck on it and daydream for quite a few minutes before falling asleep.  
- Dream feeds...and quite a few of them.  I guess you could say we hit a slight sleep regression since you used to sleep through the night.  Now you wake up 2-3 times throughout the night to eat. I can't say I mind though. While I may miss sleep, you nurse and go right back to sleep. I just simply lay you back down in your bassinet and you are out.  I enjoy our time together, even if it is while the rest of the world is sound asleep.  

Things You Don't Like Right Now:
- Gosh, when you're ready to play and we put you in your car seat because we have to go let us know.  Wail city! But, you are easily consolable and it usually only lasts for 10-15 seconds before you feel better.  
- When you're done drinking a bottle and Daddy takes it away from you, you become very upset.  You just want to chew and play with that nipple.  It must feel so good on your teething gums.  (no teeth have popped through yet)

Your Dad:
- Daddy continues to be your "go to" person when you're feeling tired.  Mommy is able to console you, but no one can put you to sleep like your daddy.  If mommy is holding you, you will literally turn your head this way and that looking for daddy.  The minute he takes you, you settle in on his chest and off to sleep you go.  It is so precious and I know daddy secretly loves this about his relationship with you.  You've also spent a lot of quality time with daddy this month watching the World Cup.  During the USA games, daddy had some difficulties holding back from cheering while you were sleeping on him.  Whoops! If the USA scored, he would literally scream GOOOOAAAAALLLLL and you would wake up, pucker your lips into a frown, look around ...and then settle right back into your nap. 

Your Brother:
-Ari continues to be the most sweet and kind big brother to you.  One of my favorite things he does is walk up to you and in a real high pitched voice says "Hi Elle."  He also requests to have you play with him, "Mommy, Elle play."  Playing in his mind equals you laying on your tummy next to him and watching him play.  Then when I pick you up off the ground he whines, "No Mommy, Elle play."  Gosh, once you really start playing, he's going to be in heaven.  He also is very adamant when he wants my full attention.  He will bring over your play mat to me, and say "Mommy, Elle down."  He enjoys sitting next to you whenever he can and insists that you "read too" when we sit down to read a book.  I am so pleased with how well he adjusted to having a sister and look forward to watching your relationship continue to grow.  

Your Mom:
- I found myself saying over and over to daddy this month, what happened to our newborn baby girl? I just can't get over that within a blink of an eye here you are...5 months old already.  From the second you were born, you were sweet and innocent.  That's one thing that has not changed about you.  I can tell this sweetness I speak of, is just a huge part of who you are and who you are going to be as you grow older.  It's definitely starting to set in that I won't ever have to leave you again.  I'm so excited to be staying home with you and your brother in the fall.  I want to soak up every second that I can of you! I keep telling everyone, "My babies will only be little once..." and I feel so blessed to be able to spend this time with you. 

My heart is so full...because of you.