Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dear Alexandra...7 months old

Dear Alexandra, 

Another month has just flown by.  There is so much validity to the saying I always heard before I had children that was, "Just wait until you have kids, then time really goes by fast." I've found that to be true and it really makes sense.  Now that I have you and your brother in my life, I couldn't be happier.  Anything that is portrayed as fun seems to fly by, where as challenging times in our life seem to go so slow and feel at a standstill.  I really wish there was a pause button where I could enjoy you just a little bit longer.  I love this age! You are inquisitive, love trying new things and you just want to be a part of everything your brother is doing. You really don't cry.  If you're upset, it's more of a whine. I am convinced you are the sweetest baby girl there ever was. These monthly shots below are my most favorite yet.  You're beautiful.

-You had your first trip to the Wisconsin State Fair and rode down the Giant Slide with your Daddy.  You seemed to enjoy it more than your brother did, this time around.  

-You're continuing to enjoy solids.  You like carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, yogurt, and peas.  You could do without prunes and apples. 

-You've started saying ""  I don't think you associate it with your mama yet, but have officially said your first consonant, which makes mama happy.  
-You have just started sleeping swaddle free, in your own bed, in your brother's room.  It's only been a few days, but I am very pleased with the chunks of good sleep you are getting.  You tend to whine for a few minutes to self-soothe and get yourself back to sleep. I nurse you once in the middle of the night still and again very early in the morning around 5.  I bring you into bed with me to nurse and I absolutely love the snuggle time with you when you're finished.  

Things You Like Right Now: 
- If you could sit smack dab on someones lap all day long, you would.  You love that one on one one attention.  When your brother goes to sleep before you, it's like you get this lil grin on your face like you're thinking ..."Finally, I get mommy all to myself."
- You enjoy sitting next to toy baskets and/or drawers and pulling everything out, one item at a time.  Of course you mouth each item, before going onto the next.  

-You love to sit on the floor and practice pulling up with whomever is sitting with you.  You also get very excited when we stand you up next to the couch or your play cube.  Standing makes you feel very proud.  

-You still like your naps.  I can easily tell when it's time because you will just whine while you sit and play with your toys.  You have about a half an hour nap in the morning and a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon.  

-You love visits to the park.  Sitting on the swing is your favorite.  You prefer a swing where you have a good view of your brother playing.  You like to look around and see who is looking at you, since you're a big girl now and can handle sitting in a swing all by yourself. 

-SHOPPING! What girl doesn't love to shop right? We had so much fun shopping with your Nouna for a dress for your baptism.  You were so happy to be out with the girls and let us try on dress after dress.  You ate it up and gave us the sweetest smiles.  Although this isn't the gown we picked, here you are modeling a beautiful dress. 

Things You Don't Like Right Now:
- The one thing that is sure to set you off is leaving you in a room alone, even for a matter of seconds.  Now I'm not talking about leaving you unattended.  I'm talking about the stepping into the kitchen to grab a paper towel or walking into the bedroom to grab a sweatshirt and returning.  If I take Ari into the bedroom for a diaper change, you will whine the entire time because you want to be with us at all times.  
Quality bathroom time with mommy

- You seem to have quite a like for Ari's toys.  When he notices you have one of his, he will come over and take it away, which really frustrates you. Although he has learned to replace it with one of your toys, which seems to make you a little happier.  

Your Dad:
-Daddy has been back at work full swing now and I know he really misses you.  He loves the snapchats I send of you, to help him get through his day at work.  He lives for the weekends! He's super excited about football starting, since we have a new Packer fan in the house this season.  He's also looking forward to you starting your first swim class in October.  
Celebrating Daddy's birthday at the Packer  Pro Shop

Your Brother:
-Ari usually wakes up before you and plays in the living room while you are still sleeping.  As soon as you get up, I change your diaper and bring you into the living room.  Every single morning when I walk into the living room, Ari's face lights up! He smiles from ear to ear and says "Elle's up!" I usually reply with something like, "Yes, Elle is awake now." And every single morning he says, "Elle, play with Ari?" He loves you so much and my heart is so full watching your relationship grow.  Ari comforts you and even gives you kisses & hugs when you're upset.  The two of you are quite the duo already!
 Ari's 2nd birthday

 Always in awe of your big brother

 First time self-supported in the wagon

 At Uncle Darwin's engagement shoot

Time for breakfast

Your Mom:
-I have to admit before you arrived and I was working full time, I was very envious of the stay at home moms.  I remember thinking to myself, "They don't even realize how lucky they are." And now here I of "them".  I see being able to do this as such a blessing.  I love waking up in the morning and planning out our days together.  What activities we will do, which park we will visit, what we will have for lunch, and so on.  My day to day accomplishments have sure changed, but in a good way.  I have left many students behind, but take pride in knowing I still am a teacher...only difference is I only have two students and they just happen to be my little angels, Alexandra and Aristaeus.  Thank you for coming into our world at the perfect time, making our family feel whole, and allowing me to pursue my dreams of being a stay at home mom.