Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Letters to Leo - Happily Awaiting #3

Dear Leonidas Aristotle,

In what seems like a blink of an eye, 9+ months of carrying you has passed and you are now in my arms.  You are our second rainbow baby and you have already brought us so much joy in your short time with us.  Rewind to last July...Daddy and I were taking a road trip out to Cape Cod with the family.  We had lots of time to talk...believe me, hours and hours to talk and one of our topics of conversation included whether or not we wanted to start trying for another child.  I can't speak for daddy, but mommy was scared to try again as we had went through a difficult loss in the fall.  We decided we were ready to try again and realized it could take awhile to get pregnant again, considering the challenges we had faced in the past.  Without any hesitation, we looked at each other in the car and agreed it was time.  We were ready to start trying! :)
 The day we decided to grow our family (also the same day we visited Niagara Falls)! :) 

In August, a few days after Ari's birthday party I realized I was about five days late.  I didn't want to test as I thought there was no way possible I could get pregnant the first month trying.  It was the morning of a zoo trip I had planned that I decided to test and sure enough I was pregnant with you. Daddy and I were so excited and instantly new you were meant to be a part of our family so it had happened so quickly.  The timing was perfect and it was evident that God had it all planned out...you would be part of our family.
Quick pic of what would be our secret for the next couple months 

While the pregnancy itself went fast, I still had my fair share of morning sickness, aches, pains, and illnesses.  The combination of these things while trying to take care of your older brother and sister and also balance my responsibilities at work was tough at times.  Even so, I loved being pregnant! One of the highlights I will always remember is camping up in Door County that fall.  I had awful morning sickness and the weather was cold and rainy.  There were very few glimpses of sunshine.  But, on the way to Al Johnson's for breakfast we looked over the bay and there was a rainbow.  I knew then and there that everything was going to be alright and that you would find your way into our arms.  I still look at that rainbow everyday as it's printed and framed in my bedroom along with the saying "Always believe something good is about to happen." (Thanks Nicole!) I did believe and here you are.
 You will forever be my rainbow baby! 

 13 weeks 

 21 weeks

 23 weeks

 26 weeks

 28 weeks

 29 weeks

30 weeks

 32 weeks

 34 weeks

 37 weeks

38 weeks

Other highlights during the pregnancy include how much your brother and sister fell in love with you.  Every single night they showered you with hugs and kisses before bed.  Your sister would get out of bed at least five times every night.  She would show up at my bedroom door and when told to get back to bed she would say, "I just want to give the baby a mockie and a hug." I never could turn away a sweet request like that.
Snuggles with you before bed 

We were lucky and had many chances to see you via ultrasound.  This was the first pregnancy that mommy was of "advanced maternal age" so we had extra ultrasounds to check up on you.  Each time we saw you it became more real that we really were blessed with another healthy pregnancy.

About a month before you were born, Nicole and all of your aunties surprised me with a "Baby Sprinkle" to celebrate your soon to be arrival.  It was absolutely perfect and I was so touched that everyone came together to be with us!

You came into this world via a scheduled c-section.  The picture below was taken at the hospital just hours before you joined us! I'll be writing more soon to tell you all about your birthday.

39 weeks pregnant - April 24th, 2017

Love always, 

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