Friday, July 7, 2017

Letters to Leo...2 months

Dear Leo, 

To say you are the sweetest little baby boy ever - would be an understatement. Now that you've been here for a couple of months I get many questions from friends, colleagues, and family members such as, "Hows the baby? What's it like having 3? Does he cry a lot? I bet you're not getting much sleep?' Common questions after becoming a family of five, but everyone seems to be so surprised when I say how easy it's been because you are just so sweet, content, and flexible.  Because of your mild "chill" demeanor, we've been able to just carry on as we always have. You're happy to be along for the ride and with you around we've never been happier!

Late afternoon snuggles

Bucky loves you!


Thanks for pulling over to feed me mommy!

Milestones/Special Firsts:
*2 month appt. stats: 11 lbs 9.5 ounces and 23.75 inches 
Doctor's Office - 2 month appt. 

*You are a smiling ball of sweetness right now! Last month, it was only certain people that could get you to smile and now you smile at anyone that comes to talk to you.  
Melts me

*You had your first shower with mommy and daddy this month.  You loved the water and didn't whine for a second.  

*You also had your first bath with your brother and sister. Now that was a trip! Ari and Elle were so eager to help. Both of them wanted to wash you and the most coveted job was rinsing you.  They poured cups of water over body, with your belly being the most favorite.


*You are a talker! We have actual conversations with you. We say something to you and you respond with a sleuth of coo's...back and forth.  It melts our hearts.

Things You Like Right Now: 
* Summer is in full swing and you've enjoyed our trips all over exploring.  We celebrated Memorial Day with a bbq at the PHFB, went to a graduation party, the Koch BBQ, visited Grandma & Grandpa up north, and even went on a trip to Great America!

Memorial Day BBQ with your cousins

**You are still an amazing sleeper! We usually wrap you around 8:00 p.m. and you will sleep until 6:00, 7:00, even sometimes 8:00 the next morning. After your first nursing session, you then like to go back to sleep on mommy for another hour or so. 

*In the mornings, you like to sit in your bouncer and watch everyone make breakfast, have coffee, and play games at the kitchen table.  You are content taking it all in, kicking your little legs like crazy. We know you're in a REAL good mood when those legs take off! 

*Your hands! You know you have hands now and you like to munch on them any chance you get.

Your Current Dislikes: 
* We can't figure out quite why, but you aren't a fan of being in your car seat lately.  You are content at first, usually lasting for about 30 minutes.  But at the 30 minute mark, the whining starts, which then leads to crying.  We took the infant insert out and that seemed to help a bit. When the crying starts, we roll down your window for a little while.  This initially distracts you and you stop crying for a couple of minutes.  Then you realize, "Oh yeah, I was mad!" and start crying again.

Your Brother & Sister: 

*Ari has especially been into games lately -- like chess, checkers, and cribbage. He likes when you watch him and always requests that you can "be on his team"...haha. Your brother and sister are both currently beside me arguing about whose team you will be on when we play a game of Scrabble this morning. 

*Elle continues to take the role of helping very seriously.  She is very protective of you and always wants to make sure you are well cared for and happy.  

Afternoon nap

*We've come up with a good system now for who gets to sit by you in the car.  We have been alternating, although sometimes we forget whose turn it is - which can lead into a meltdown.  It's so cute how you just gaze over at whoever is next to you and smile away.  

*School's out for the summer! Ari finished up 4K and is really excited to spend his summer with you.  We sat down one morning and made a bucket-list of all the things we want to do this summer. 

Family Bucket List

Your Daddy: 
*Yay! As of mid-June your daddy is off of work for summer vacation! He is always eager to get out each day and make the most of his summer with us.  He likes taking you all to soccer practices at Slinger or Monches Park.  You sit in the stroller and love watching. It won't be long before you're out there running around too! 

Your Mommy:
* I've finally found my rhythm.  For the first half of your second month, Daddy was still at work and I was on my own with all three of you.  Each outing on my own definitely gave me more confidence and now I feel like I can finally say "I got this."  You're nursing every three hours, which means you and I are pretty much glued at the hip.  You even came to one of my meetings this month and slept right through it.  I'm so grateful & proud that you're my baby boy.  As the "baby" of the family--you have such a special place in my heart. 

Mommy's 6 week post partum visit

A break from tummy time, make up, and cars

We're all excited for the month ahead as we have many adventures planned in July!


Your Mommy

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